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Talk about it. Let's get back to dream because that's really the show's all about the yeah. We kinda went way off topic there. podcast brought to you by being injured Would you cool flashback of Jimmy. At his father's this general and I find that was like the biggest heart of the episode about what happened about how he was attacked and bullied and ended up missing his father's funeral And his sister didn't realize it and thought he had just abandoned her. That was pretty heavy stuff but really cool at the same time we do. We do get an image of Jimi at the daily planet so that was cool. I'm just expanding more of genes world. Yeah during his. During his events in the mind palace he exhibits other powers like heat vision and he ended up flying at one point. All this power some of a certain somebody. It's kind of sad because this would be a perfect time for his best friend. WHO showed back up? And you know like Dude Bro. Like Bro Powers derived from a certain Tony in substance main. It's getting powers of. I don't know a Crypto News. Yeah it's interesting though the way they do it because the supposed trigger to his his PTSD symptoms. That the the Harun Al was basically exacerbating They believed needed to be lax in all of his traumatic events that he's had encountering lex over the years Ending with LEX Alexis being responsible for him being shot in the back. Because I wasn't as freaked out about it. And then when he found it was part of LEX that's really kicked into having his anxieties. While the interesting thing about that is is his sister was the one who kind of fed him the idea that his ptsd symptoms were were from LEX. That LEX was the trigger for this for this stuff but then you know come to find out in this episode episode. It's the regret he's had his entire life the pain from the memory that he blocked Dow in the problems problems it caused with his family with his sister. Cause she grew up thinking that he abandoned her at this point and you know he he literally repressed memory and created a new one. That's breath spew ups a bit harsh. Hart Jimmy No That's like processing Gamma Cod Brooks did at a really good job. Episode are really like him. Ask James and I wanNA use James More. Because he he's tries use. Changes is the evolution of the character. Much like we've talked about where this is the farthest lex luther. We've seen like the journey of the character. Right another reason I feel like the same with me. It's kind of like when I was when everybody call me Jimmy. When my teacher in sixth grade asked me I started going by James? He's a h gene. Right calm jeans now. It's like squeaky you know early puberty. Wash your the James Right. I mean stuff man crazy. You know my first name being Jonathan people they. Oh okay. Hey John I'm like no no no no don't assume bill by do not soon that use call me not go by John. Kay I'm not the revelator here pay any. You know a lot of names have nicknames and you know you want to a find out what that person's preferred name is is it. Their full name is the nickname. Do they go by John or Jonathan or even Johnny Tommy or James or Jim or Jimmy or Jimothy for these young fans out there I I know the name Jimothy. I've been called baton. I'm like no no my name's James Robber and people have called me. Jim Bob and I'm like shut up before I knock your teeth down your throat that I don't yeah I mean no no you brought to you by. I hate my name in the nickname podcast. You'll end up you'll end up like you end up dead by Pencil insole with either like the joker John Wick. Johnny Wake Yosi Vardon three. Yes I am. Yeah into into a pumped and exciting because my dad once ago. Am I tell us all the time and he never wants to go into more. He actually actually sat on gets back from his little short trip. Here I'm going to try to take my dad and goes yeah that's awesome loud. Probably end up going to see it by myself And then because I have to get the kids in here real soon probably probably not this weekend but next weekend I have to go take them to see detective. Pichu that's worth Solomon Wednesday kip settlements. Stay because I told my taking last week but because of being back in school and trying to finish up work and everything. We had a bipartisan. Fix washer dryer can funny in time. I'm on call this week this weekend. It is in off. Pay Week for me so you know I. I have taken the kids to the movies once and I got called like literally literally right when the movie started just. Luckily it wasn't a call that I had to go in for so I was like. Oh thank God because I was going to be like I have to. I believe the wife and kids here go to work and come back and waste the money from my ticket. We went to see cars three at the time but yeah I can't. I can't do that with just me and the kids. I can't leave kids there at the theater by themselves so you have to take them. When I'm not on call to the the bathroom stay here? Yeah like if I'm going to the bathroom that's one thing they're nine and ten years old say here. Don't move going to the bathroom. I'll be right back but being Jason. I have not talked a while. What kind of catching up to? But this episode was good. I think the main thing I got from this episode obviously was I really was not interested in the dreamer stuff as much because I felt the characters more being forced and I think in some ways I'm looking at shows in stories and just kind of expecting more had felt me and I feel like flip. Dreamer was like shorthand storytelling and just forcing like. Oh I'm superhero. Now I know about and how well you know this now on TV. And I'm trying to make a amaze like this is who I am. That's great harm. It's great doing me wrong. That would I don't feel that we've Turkey but at the same time. Maybe if I sit in washed all these episodes straight where I have always interruptions that. Maybe I'd be like oh I I feel fuel earned. Yeah that will. The television part was strong so the two strong points in this episode was was Jimmy Dealing with his past and then dreamer Showing up on TV. Not Quite. I mean you know the self empowerment angle of it was really good You know it it. Develop the the character because of of who she is and what she is but it was really good because it it helped to the empower aliens In in the belief that humans in aliens can peacefully coexist which was also strengthened in the fact that Lockwood son. John is kind of kind of having a change of heart in this episode. He finds out that his best friend is an alien and He he he starts to doubt what his what his dad is doing with. You know everything calling roaches attacking killing being agent liberty Having his agenda so because he reaches out to his his friend to To tell him that he's there form if he needs them and it's really powerful. I four so it's a strong moment for for the for the overall For for the overall discrimination storyline so the last big moment of this episode episode earlier in the episode Lockwood had rounded up aliens. Take a woman's child from her. The episode They took they took her husband her husband who was nothing but a working alien. Who did nothing wrong But they took him anyways and she's an alien but they left her with me so there's megawatts infused because I thought to her kid in left. The MOM parted hearted took her husband left the mother so anyway she is enraged changed and decides which would have like some more on this but basically the the episode Lockwood comes home his wife dead and that alienating running out so they killed been locked wife which I actually she would have liked to have seen that scene. Because I feel like that's such a huge chump like you took my husband and but I'm gonNA murder your wife. We don't know what happened to her husband.

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