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Why are you wearing a cosby sweater. It's not a fan dean occur. Okay why are you wearing the that Well it's a little chilly in here. It's the cosby sweater just to be clear it's a style that bill cosby might wear sure i. That's i don't like it at all. I think i don't care. I'm bringing the style back now. That bill cosby has been found. Innocent well okay. He wasn't about this. Bill cosby not found. He was not found innocent. He was let out on a technicality. Just let it convicted rapists out of prison That's exactly that is exactly what they now. So he sexually assaulted like dozens of women and he allegedly. So you hold us. I wanna make sure that this. I wanna make sure we have this right jelly fellas. You think that bill cosby is innocent. Any of us truly innocent yes of rape. Yes are innocent of yet no is is. We're all dave okay. So maybe if rape is anybody here guilty of raising generation. Hey is anybody here. Guilty of being america's dad anybody chauhan's minute's pretty good thank good point. Yeah exactly. it's a good point. Thank you bill. Cosby's a terrible man terribly funny. Okay i don't use. I don't i don't really. I'm not very that. I'm not fond understand on what's happening. What's what's that dave disc. Yeah what is this this beauty. This is my good luck. Football it's Signed by j simpson. I think i know where this is going. No actually it was signed by mark furman but he did use. Oj's blood oh that doesn't even that doesn't even look like an autograph. It wasn't it was a racial slur but it smeared over time mark furman. He watches fervently. All right this is in our on the ground Bill cosby last remaining Apologist correspondent.

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