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Welcome to automated. I'm your host mark for bank of and in this weekly podcast. We'll be exploring the impact of emerging technology on jobs society as well as us with business and technology leaders researchers and independent professionals across the world in today's episode we will be revisiting the topic of virtual reality and specifically talk about how the pandemic has changed interest in it. What businesses can use vr specifically for. What different kind of value employees get from using virtual reality and the future of virtual reality use so to discuss these topics. I am joined by andreas christianson. Who is a tech entrepreneur and currently with meat in vr as the vp of customer success. So he has six years of experience within b. two b. and sas as an adviser founder and responsible for product and analytics in two thousand seventeen andress was named one of denmark's top one hundred talents and as will come in the episode since his ambitious career start. He has found a little bit more interest in a more balanced and holistic approach to life. So if like me you are not working remotely and see this form of continuing and want to know a little bit more about healthy are can be relevant in your work. I think that this conversation will be a little bit more relevant to you. Great well andress. Thank you very much for coming. Onto the automated. Podcasts is great to have you here saying you so one of the things i like to do with all my guests when they first come on to get a little bit more of a personal connection with you to understand what made you originally interested in the topic will be talking about vr today Quite a bit so what initially got you interested in that. So actually my my interest. In in i came morris A site thing and it was kind of a coincidence. You could say like around a year ago. I started to really have this interest in teaching in particularly meditation and and kind of how to work with your consciousness to get more awareness in your life and happiness in. Oh that's really what is And Because i had a background tech entrepreneurs kind of thing. Obviously maybe i can kind of build like tech product around you know leverage some of my knowledge as an entrepreneur an also that that could like because many people teaching meditation. That could kind of be in it. That was how i thought about it in my mind and what happened So so and i had seen these kind of rectal..

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