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Trout. This is Bob Trump speaking, we started this particular broadcast free o'clock in the morning eastern wartime. Troops began landing on the northern coast of France, this morning, strongly supported by naval air, forces CBS, News Radio provided much of the information that American people received from the front lines there's an urgent need in Lima for ten to twenty sandbags at two eleven delta, help in the fight against the rising graboy creek and river to pair, the Saint Charles county executives declared a state of emergency. They're the result of ongoing serious flooding and due to flooding related hazards. The cast Caskey river has been closed to recreational boating in Saint Clair, Monroe and Randolph counties until further notice, Saint Charles county police set to hold a news conference this afternoon. Sources say charges may be announced in the Angie houseman case, some twenty-five years later, a north Saint Louis county family could finally have some answers about who kidnapped and killed their daughter, Angie, houseman was abducted in November, nineteen Ninety-three. She got off the school bus in Saint Anne. She was found dead by deer hunter more than a week later in the August Bush conservation area, the post-dispatch reports preview. Unprocessed DNA evidence has led them to a new prime suspect. The paper says he's a sixty one year old disgraced air force veteran with a number of child pornography charges to his name he showed up on the list of sex, offenders compiled for years after Andrew Hausmann died, but he was never interviewed Saint Charles county prosecutor. Tim lomar says charges are forthcoming on the man who's in federal custody out of state, but couldn't give details beyond that Alex digman Saint Louis NewsRadio came away six at two thirty here from three women who made finding men's murderer their top priority. President Trump saying in Ireland that it's up to Mexico to avoid US tariffs on his exports north of the border. Mexican negotiators are meeting at the White House this afternoon with Trump administration. Officials the president says he'll impose tariffs on Mexican products if the country fails to prevent migrants from reaching the border. He said, the tariffs would be good for the United States. But if they don't terrorists will go on. And if they go high the companies are going to move back into the United States. It's all vegetable Cam lakes news. Time to over three a major drugmaker pushing back on a report saying it goes, too high data about a jump that could help Alzheimer's patients, the drug in question. Embryo was actually developed to treat rheumatoid arthritis. But the Washington Post reported that has also had positive effects on Alzheimer's patients based on data from insurance claims Pfizer says the post report suggesting that the company declined to pursue further research because financial considerations is not true. Spokesman Steve the knee. He says, all decisions were based on science and not on money, not to publish a statistical analysis of insurance claims data in our decision, not to pursue a broader clinical trial Alzheimer's disease, based on such statistical analysis were based first and foremost on scientific rationale and not.

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