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The groundhog did not see its shadow. You know, what that means? It means I we're we're getting a quicker spring it. When bless you. When I see it. I'm with you, maybe hard to believe as a large swath of the US thoughts from a bitter polar vortex. Unbelievable. It's fifty seven degrees down here today. A week ago. Thursday. If you're measuring and wind chill, you minus. What was it? What was the wind chill? And it's low minus fifty something fifty three I believe minus fifty three to plus fifty four that's all hundred and seven degree swing in a matter of what seventy two hours. Place. So Punxsutawney Phil has decided that I don't think he'd been anyone this year. No. But did not see a shadow. So we're gonna have an early spring in reality. Fills prediction is decided ahead of time by a group on gablers. Knob a tiny hill just outside of pucks tawny? That's that's the name of the town. Jeff cobbler gablers knob that's about sixty five miles northeast of Pittsburgh. That's the town New York mayor Bill de Blasios stopped attending Staten island's groundhog day ceremony in two thousand fifteen a year after he accidentally dropped the critter and it died a week later. Whoa. There's lots of controversy with groundhogs. Mallards look for trying to find cobbler's knob. Sounds like a nice I'd love to do remind from gablers now. Eagle mountain. Utah shoots county man was arrested after police say crashed into Facebook security gates in eagle mountain while drunk and was combative with arresting officers. That sounds like.

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