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That took place here. The nation's capital. We've heard the dangerous divisive rhetoric over the last four plus years will be 16 hours of testimony on each side is the trial begins tomorrow? San Diego County is reporting another 789 new coronavirus cases a second straight day below 1000 the lowest numbers since November. 13th the positive test rates 6% rolling two week average 6.8%. 32 more deaths reported the total last year. Plus is 2853 Pressure's building. Get students back in the classroom, a number of parents in the North County trying to organize to make it happen. Christine Still, Cock says to kids that Lacosta Canyon High School and tells her reporting partner 10 News. The purpose of the parent Association of North County is to bring attention to the well being of students tethered to their computer. Hours at a time during the day zombies in front of a computer. The group is arguing the focus currently is only on the needs of teachers in California Teacher Association argues that there's too much uncertainty without getting vaccinated. First, there's variants out there, you know that are much more transmissible. You know people are talking about, you know, masking and things like indoors is so much more dangerous now than it was just a couple of months ago. That's teacher answer. Ernie. The Teachers union has filed a lawsuit to stop in Person learning Zachary Barnes KOGO news condition Getting the Corona virus vaccine When it's your turn, send your county is also asking you will get a flu shot. So probably don't know is that you can be infected with both influenza and Cove is But getting the flu shot keeps those individuals that have a high risk of complications out of the hospital so we can conserve that for those individuals that may unfortunately, get cold bitch 19. Public health officer, Dr Wilma Wooten. There have been 6% of the flu cases this year compared to last year. Contamination from Tijuana Sewage has been a county issue since the 19 thirties. The Board of Supervisors today especially the clearing things, a public health crisis, supervisor Nora Vargas says. It's an issue near and dear to her heart. She's worked on this issue since 1993 while working for a congressman and says she found the issue important during her campaign when I was walking door to door Talking to members of our community. I committed that not only I was not going to be accepting business as usual, but that the status quo will no longer be the norm. Our frontline communities cannot afford to wait any longer. She says. They will continue to work on federal efforts, bringing more money to the region, she says. People of color in border neighborhoods have suffered health wise, as has the environment. Maryland Haider KOGO News, the NTSB as Safety board, revealing the cause of Kobe Bryant's death in the helicopter crash. And what happens, you're go. The National Transportation Safety Board announced today that the cause of the helicopter crash last January that took the lives of Lakers legend Kobe Bryant, his daughter, Gina, and seven others was the likely result of spatial disorientation. The NTSB says the pilot lost spatial awareness believed he was climbing through thick clouds. While the copter was actually dropping. Kobe Bryant's widow, Vanessa, had blamed the pilot for the crash. But an NTSB official stated that while the pilot was not put under pressure to flying to potentially hazardous conditions, quote, the pilot took pride in these positions with both the client and island Express helicopters. They had a good relationship with the client and likely did not want to disappoint them by not completing the flight, the NTSB officials said. This self induced pressure can adversely affect pilot decision making and judgment that's shared. Max is checking on the real time traffic.

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