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Tonight going to Greta lengths today at the United Nations climate summit teenage activist Greta Tune Bird put world leaders on blast for their empty words ads so we'll ask the mayor of Victoria whether she's heard anything at the summit would change Mr Berg's nine overdue diligence. Her mother died ride waiting for first responders after calling nine one one and now woman hopes the changes promised by the government mean that no one else will suffer like her mom long distance stints revelation ship more details emerge about. US President Trump's phone calls to the president of Ukraine and while Mr Trump believes. He's answered his critics. Our guest says a lot. More answers are needed grounded beef. Hundreds of thousands of furious vacationers are stuck where they are after the world's oldest travel travel company abruptly goes under the ripples are felt throughout the industry poem poem on the rain. Jar Guest was one of the cowboy poets at an annual gathering of wild west versus fires in Calgary this weekend. You'll tell us how he went from hurting too being heard and exit the dragons Canadian Paula Fairfield WanNa on a sound editing emmy for her work on the last season of game of thrones. She'll tell us how she made. So many awful creatures such a roaring success as it happens the the Monday edition radio glad at least one person involved in that season showed sound judgment.

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