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Smart gun technology to prevent gun violence details from calls Connie Johnson professor telly who worked with Washington ceasefire for twenty years is the co founder of a smart gun company working to get the funding now to make a prototype that would have the gun owner using a chip like in the key fob to make that gun work chip the trip on the left hand and the chip in the gun ban the right hander within six inches the gun goes from the off the default position to the on position and unless the person with that activating ship is firing the gun it would not work Dave workman of the second amendment foundation says this technology has been talked about for a long time but it's never proven to be reliable enough to catch on by and large people it final he you know even in the farm community they run really too interested in it adding some credibility to the whole smart gun issue former Seattle police chiefs Gil curly Caskey and John details now listed as board members on that company web page Carly Johnson come on news nine one one dispatchers in central Oregon county being sued for negligence they didn't send help right away two years ago thirty nine year old Brian wing gored by an animal on his rural property near Redmond he dialed nine one one but couldn't speak even though the phone's location could be confirmed help wasn't sense until an hour later when wings wife called for a second time Brian wing ended up dying from his injuries is what suing for seven million dollars those named in the lawsuit had not officially responded as of yet a victory for the union try to recruit workers at Boeing's South Carolina assembly plant claim going fired six workers in retaliation for them openly supporting the international association of machinists and aerospace union the regional director of the national labor relations board ruled yesterday there is enough merit to send their cases to trial that plant in north Charleston is were some Boeing seven eighty seven are built on a mini no U. S. senator Elizabeth Warren bringing her presidential campaign to Seattle holding a town hall to wamu theater Sunday afternoon more candidates seem to reaching out to voters in Washington after the state moved up the democratic primary to March state troopers looking for a twenty nine year old woman they say was drinking and driving when she rolled her car and took off from the crash.

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