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Tour and Sam Jackson's Lusters career. What was the most memorable? One in all the years. Which out? Which one? Yeah. I did. I did a press job in Tokyo once for a long kiss goodnight with Gina Davis renting Harlem, and in that press junket, we had we had interpreters and whoever the young lady was those my interpreter somebody has because I answered it. And she started to. Say it in Japanese, and like every other words, you sent as and semi Assan nigga d. Nego Gina was like, whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Stop stop in Europe. Like, she's like, you can't say that. It's like what she's like. Oh, no, no, no, not to Neaga, but the Niigaa like a end of smaller word. But she knew it was like I'm not saying that I'm saying. That's never forget that noodles. Like, it was it was it was a moment. No, no, not the nigga. I hope nothing traumatic and interesting has happened to that Traumatic. man. Kinda funny to me what's going on. Okay. Okay. Amazing basic. Well, congratulations are in this film, actually exists in the universe. I can't. I don't know what we're going to talk about in subsequent years because this is one of those movies that I would ask you and night every time. I would see you guys when is the damn sequel happening estimate too. I mean, I have the answer. I know he said it was part of a trilogy once we did it, and it just never got done is there. Okay. Well, I'm gonna come back around to that here. Here's my first question semi serious. Question is is there a pride you take in times? When you have you are the title character. You are Mr. Glaus. I mean as film geek as a fan as someone that struggled early on to kind of get where you are. Do you take a pride take a moment to take pride in a moment? Like that of being the title guy. Not really. Having a film named after you or being number one on the call. She goes hand-in-hand, usually not necessarily. Okay. I mean, the movie can be named something else. It doesn't have to be your character Nate. That's true. You know, not like Django because it strikes me when I was looking back at the early stuff a lot of early roles. You don't even have a character name. Exactly black guy, you literally credited as black guy in which wouldn't long own see what sea of love. Yes. Not a bad movie, but not the credit clipboard guy before it was black. You're also a taxi dispatch guy. Yes. You were hold up, man. So we've come we've come a long way is what I'm saying. But you know, people remember that guy in coming to America. You know, people asking me now, even now people are going, so you gotta be in the coming to America to and I'm like why maybe due to successful..

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