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Where it is closed. It's both directions between Gypsy and Riton House. That's because of more trees that came down We had it open, and then it was closed again. Kelly Dr We've got that closed as well. Still dealing with storm damage both ways. Hunting parked a Lincoln. Dr Manion mainstream between shirts, Sures Lane and rid still getting the flooding out of there, and we've got also knights rode. This is anywhere in the area above would even still closed down tree from yesterday. Mass transit. We've got most of the regional rails look like they're up and running now, septa dot org's for all the details. For three decades, Gary Barbara's on the Boulevard has been Peterson proud. The Barbera family wishes Coach Peterson, the Peterson family and the entire birds organization. Good health, continued strength and well wishes for a speedy return to the field is Barbara and coach Peters in the best way, I guess in the K y w 24 hour traffic center. I'm Stevie Reese on the forecast with NBC 11th Alert meteorologist Glenn Hurricane Schwartz. But we only have one day and night to dry out before more showers start to move in, So enjoy it. We've got sunshine not too humid this afternoon in the high 88 tonight partly cloudy low of 72. But then tomorrow we have showers and thunderstorms moving up from the Carolinas. The high temperature about 81 they're most likely in Delaware in South Jersey. Now Friday, mostly clotted with more showers. Likely the high 83 I'm NBC 10 1st Alert meteorologist Glenn Hurricane Schwartz with your most accurate forecast, count on sunshine. Just a few clouds 86 degrees in center city. We're heading down to 72. Here's a check on Wall Street sponsored by crash proof retirement dot com, where you can see videos of people who have peace of mind with their own crash proof retirement system. Dow's.

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