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Call us i want to show up with best cologne on said we have two people devin you were second models i that are we got our wet pack consists of you mutt and sour shoes that's it who's back training reamer twenty minute phone call she said kirk was giving her ulcers and she does s things induced lemur willie hopefully we'll be back should be back because he's paid enough of a price but it's not my call tom brady program your station guests is brady has no problem with brady didn't want him fired wising back i don't know just it's not my call i don't know it's a good question he should be that as they were telling you what i don't think the sales people make either evan kirk kirk is right you're dumb but anyway six ended digging the red sox over the weekend i like about you you're trying you're trying you want to do this you want to do this well you want to do this right so you've read up on gronk right understand the latest feet up like buckley that's the first sign that you're sixty seven red sox at least not yet we talk about talks about book which is fine i pretty strong feeling on the ground situation does he hears yeah bradford i did a sunday those listening you nobody listened it was easter i can't wait to repay my my position.

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