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Maybe work a few extra hours. That's kind of like you know what i've had to do with. This show is that i've had to work a few hours at my flying job because during the pandemic we had no income and so those are the things that you have to do. Sometimes in life you have to shift. You know what you're doing and why you're doing it and figure out why you're doing it and when you figure out the why it's real easy to to motivate yourself the why being i wanna get my instrument rating say and i want to get my commercial rating. So so start doing that. Set up your financial goals. Also make sure that you look at all the different avenues of financing all the different avenues out. There for instance scholarships. We have that here at aviation chris. Podcast dot com slash scholarships can get one for free aviation podcast dot com slash. Free and start researching. Doesn't matter what age you are. You should look towards scholarships and keep trying to apply I know a lot of them are for the younger folks. But there are some out there for folks that are your age also during this process of setting up financial goals. Set up your own personal goals. You listen to that person talk about. They were an engineer at the beginning of the show and he set up goals and said okay. This is what i'm gonna do. I'm gonna become an engineering stays in engineer. I'm not going to quit. And i'm gonna get my ratings and i'm gonna work on the weekends and at some point adequate and do this fulltime. Now he's flying as an airline pilot. That's what you need to start looking at visit. And when you do those goals don't just write them down. You have to constantly revisit those goals. It's like checklist i mean. People always ask me. How do i get so much done And it's really simple and this should be just a whole another video about how to how to be. Be very efficient. But it's real simple is put a checklist of things that you have to do. And just do each item on that checklist and just do one at a time. And don't go forward until you finish the first one if it come to a roadblock and you can't do anymore go to the next one but just keep working down that checklist and just move only to the next item when that item is done or you can't do it anymore. A lot of people look at a big check like twelve items and they try to do all twelve at once. Don't do that. Just start with one and go to the next. It's really that simple. And that's how i'm able to do so many different things another. I think a really important thing that you should do and this helps me stay motivated and it helps a lot of people go to events meet. Ups goto airshows sunan fund. Flight sim expo florida international. Airshow there's airshows in your area..

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