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Portion of the apron themselves so here comes here comes jordan kayla ish these coming is he wearing a yankee uniform dwarf enke's uniform and i think that a baseball mitt he has on if why is he allowed to have a foreign object in the ring. I think the winner has put that they won royal rumble in their twitter bio. I know kayla twins. He will for sure. Do it even without sure. I sure okay what is jordan kayla's <music>. Now we have to root against them if he's wearing the full like not just the yankees uniform one thousand nine hundred thousand yankees uniform. It's like when george war babe ruth's uniform. Yes the strawberries. He's wearing babe ruth uniform. Go enter the rumble. My son's best friend's. No i hate the yankees they're the beginning hispanics my first grade sons so they came over to the house and they brought a yankee. I told them if they brought a yankees had throw it off the balcony <hes> but they brought over a they brought over a yankees book like babe ruth book and they said aren't you mad that i brought a babe ruth book and i said no the only good yankees. Oh boy okay all right louie. Let's go back to jordan kayless entering the rumble okay. I don't know what it's like a podcast clip. That's his insurance to akiva. Is he twenty to thirty two. It's thirty two hundred thirty two. I might be jordan taylor. I don't know who's the amy on the outer portion portion of the apron and she's sending jordan. Kayla ish she's got round. Roundhouse punches here comes alley. Lash urged ars. She's standing by catching her breath. I just saw amy go up in the air and come down jordan kayla. She got some sort of a move happening or is this taunting. The crowd ever gone more than six so if someone's got eliminated sui screens about to be completely full. It looked like that jessica lease had josh twitter on the ropes here for a second as amy misses a roundhouse kick to antonio. Amy and <music> alley are still locked up jordan kayla this dancing. Nobody's wrestling with him. I think it's a good strong with you comes amy. She's got kayla on the outer portion of the apron. She's choking him. He gets his way back into the race but there is there is no thirty two on the korean okay thirty two fans. I guess <hes> okay looks like wiggling and jessica lease. I froze in trouble yeah. They seem to be in good spirits last i i saw them but they are going at it and oh we just had a replay we miss the game missed it right now. Now let's go but it is no replay. It's just like sometimes like they get the smackdown in in law logos popping the logo and as it happened a amy has gone out of the rumble yeah she had a good run. She had a great run nothing to be ashamed of yeah. It's really hard to make it from one thirty. It's only been done like three times incredible ron on as josh wiggins is working on jessica lease right now as she is holding onto the outer portion of the ropes off but she's gonna get her way back into the ring. I liked it. We haven't come. We really have a shot row. Yeah i forgot about us. Tony who knows tonio throws jessica lease over the top rope but then forgets about her she gets back in our antonio given that yeah greatest josh yeah. Josh has has got alley lascher in a leg lock. Now just released takes over here comes good god. That's nicole. Sestina knows music. What's your theme song. I strongly did he think that i know i. It's my voice. I don't remember what holiday show five or. There's nothing if not eight years ago i mean this is you've been podcast thing. You've been pakistan game time for the record. My wife was a wrestler. She would not have earthy music..

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