Marissa Lin, CNN, Warner Brothers discussed on AM Tampa Bay


Evidence what they found in the home outside of the home. They were able to determine that the victim was shot and she was shot with a firearm. Marissa Lin with the Hillsborough Sheriff's Office says the victim's a woman in her sixties and was reported missing. Last month. Deputies discovered the body after a wellness check. Over to satisfy has signed a bill that will ban transgender females from competing on school sponsored women's and girls sports teams. Opponents of the bill like the A C L U, are expected to take it to court. News at the top and bottom of every hour on Chris. Strengthen news radio w F L A This is a Bloomberg money minute. Meat producer. JDS is working to recover from a weekend cyber attack that forced to shutdown of several slaughterhouses. The company's five biggest U. S. Beef plans halted processing after the attack, wiping out nearly 1/5 of US production. Criminal organization likely based in Russia is being blamed The company formed in the merger of Discovery and 80. Auntie's Warner Media division, now has a name Warner Brothers. Discovery will unite the movie studio, HBO, TNT and CNN with discoveries cable channels, including HD TV and the Food Network. The merger is expected to close next year. Theater chain Alamo Drafthouse is emerging from Chapter 11 bankruptcy with plans to expand. It has five new theaters in the works, including two each in New York City and Washington, D C and one in ST Louis. Stocks are coming off of mixed session. The major averages finished little changed from where they began. Lowry Kowski Bloomberg Radio.

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