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To Kobe Bryant. A slew of rule changes surprisingly fierce competition and a bit of controversy the All Star game which featured a format change that concluded in fourth quarter. Sprint to one hundred fifty. Seven points looks more like a playoff game than it did. An exhibition match up. Here's Doris burks reaction to the game on. Espn I take. They fixed the All star. Game in my estimation I think other leaks need to look at this throughout the course of the game. It elevated in terms of its competitiveness. We spoke in many times on this show about how underwhelming all star Games can feel. Neil does this change to the rule seem to have fixed it as burke suggested in the take. I mean sort of At the end it certainly felt very competitive. They were I know it was a radical concept. They were actually playing defense at the end of the game And so to that extent it did make the finish of the game interesting hard-fought it's still didn't fix the problem of player effort and defense in the early stages of the game. I mean I I think the first quarter score was fifty three to forty one in a quarter but You know maybe that's what we want out of an all star game. Even before this rule change we had seen especially with the adoption of the player versus player draft format that in the final few minutes. If it's close the the player start to actually try their some pride on the line certainly money for charity on the line And that was true even before this new format and I think that this year's change just made like the whole fourth quarter that way because they didn't know you know there wasn't a set amount of time until the game ended. It was just all about like possession for possession. This game can last as long as you want. And it lasted a long time in the sense that they were not making shots at the same rate anywhere near the same rate in that fourth. Quarter as they were In like the first three quarters I kinda liked it because it felt like especially the first two quarters. The third quarter ended up in a tie that in that quarter but the first two quarters felt like that like you know tons of offense of the previous also games and then we got we also got actual defense team plays so we sort of got the best of both worlds of like. Does anyone actually enjoy the version of the All Star game that we've grown so used to where they're just sort of lackadaisically walking down the cordoned throwing lobster each other with no defense? I mean what is who said even four this point I think the alley oops are fun like twice but you can see just from the reaction from this game this little tweak that everyone's like Oh my God it was the best all star game ever. We were wrong. The gimmicks this is great turns out basketball's more exciting when teams are trying. What a concept defense right. How do we ever not realize this? I mean it seems so obvious to me that we've gone through this a few times and again I'm I'm in favor a of novelty and You know experimenting using these All Star Games as a petri dish but the only one of the All Star Games. That's interesting is baseball. Because it's closest to the actual product. So anything you're going to do to move the NBA. All Star game closer to what we see in well particularly playoff basketball is gonna be better to me. It seems obvious that it was a good move and you know maybe they should go even farther with us. I think I'll start tournament. Nhl Style every every game is a race to twenty four points and it's just all the the fourth quarter it just is the All Star game. Yeah that would be really. We didn't really need the first three quarters right. We just didn't really need it. I mean it set up the one team ahead one team needing to come from behind which I guess you want that narrative. No I don't think so. I think that starting them off at zero zero and then raced a twenty four. Would even make it. You know it's closer. Going in the players would try even harder. Yeah and we want guys getting you know going all out and getting injured meaningless exhibition game. I did enjoy the tweets afterwards. Like okay do the pro bowl next fix the other fixed the other leagues next fixing now. That's probably true so the game was set up with a tribute to Kobe. Bryant as a crucial component the target score for the end of the game was twenty four points. More than the point. Total of the leading team after three quarters. Neil do you think that the Kobe themes of the night played a role in the game? Increased Energy I do. I mean there's no way to really prove it but I do feel like Especially when we saw toward the end when a shot could have been like the game winner we saw some guys trying some crazy shots to just be the iconic you know game winner to get to the to the number almost like it did feel like it was in the spirit of Kobe. Trying to take a shot. Some of them were like ridiculous. Heat checks by Lebron like a foot inside half right. Maybe that was a little bit much And contributed to the bad field goal percentage and we have to talk about the fact that a free throw ended the got the team to the to the twenty four point target. What do you guys think about that? Because there was a lot of controversy around that and people saying especially on the losing team saying field goal should decide which I agree with. I feel like it was a little anti-climactic maybe it was a consequence of the harder Defense being played because there were like actual fouls happening in the fourth. Quarter this game. Two and guys. We're going to the free throw line. But it was a little weird. Anthony Davis makes a free throw. It's over like you gotTa win on a on a shot from the field right. I. I'm just full of country takes today but I kinda disagree. I think like there was drama. If what you need is drama for the last shot you got it with his missed free throw is I miss free throw and then there was drama drama. Can there be around a shot that only has at best like a thirty percent chance of missing or whatever you say that things that have a thirty percent chance okay. We go there Sara. Sorry he didn't have to go there. There's no reason to think that would happen again. I mean I mean it could happen again but it won't necessarily happen again. I mean it was a little bit of just bad luck in terms of making as dramatic as possible. I mean couldn't they also make you win by two? Wouldn't that solve it? I don't think that would have solved it here. They did win by two even with the it was one fifty seven to one fifty five. We're in by three. What about window? That's not normal. Nobody I you know I do feel like it's like tennis. The win by two mentality should be in there even. If it's not exactly two right right. Sure that's what I meant to win by two mentality that replaces the Mamba mentality boy or maybe refs. Just you know no fouls no fouls when a team is on brink of winning. Well I kind of agree with that too. I don't disagree with that because you know if we're talking about playground rules which is the spirit of the draft. You know in the two cats getting to pick sides in playground like you know you're GonNa have to score a bucket from the floor to win. Fouls can happen. You call you know you can call your own fouls but that just means you get to take it out and go again for another possession that there's not like free throws involved but if you want all rules if you want the game to mimic a real game to be close to a real game. Oh we're way past that way but that was fun right that it felt more like a real game. I'm with Sarah. I'm for I'm for the free throws you've come as I said before the closer. You get a real basketball. The better so free throws are fine. I'm sorry it ended that way. I'm sorry it didn't end. On some crazy lob dunk that which is really all they do at the All Star game anyway but it ended on an actual real basketball scenario. That's what's so interesting like free throws are things that don't happen in the All Star game when no fouls are being called and it's and there's no defense being played so this part I felt like that was actually fine. I'm complaining about just just for the sake. Okay all right good to know and it was really interesting to see there. Were very few there were substitution. Sort of at the beginning of the fourth quarter and then the teams just stuck with those lineups for the rest of the game because you did see like trae young and I think Don Chech- they were the starters but then they didn't play In favor of like more defensive-minded minded guys like kyle our Kyle lowry playing. You know crucial minutes at the also charges very on band Jasdaq. Yeah this kind of make sense. Why Kyle lowry was there? You know I mean he's not the guy who's GonNa you know. Wow you with acrobatic plays but taking charges because this new world order this is the new all star game where defense matters. I liked that aspect of it. I'm all for coaches really seemed to buy in and they took obviously trae. Young is statistically showboats. Right exactly TRAE. Young is like one of the worst defensive players in basketball and so they were like. Oh man you know now that this. This is like the player we want for the first three quarters of the. All Star game your first three quarters guy. Yeah but then. Now it's the fourth quarter. This is serious business bringing in Kyle lowry now. It counts now count accounts. It's still doesn't count well so I think that the reason why they didn't make the subs though is because well once they got kinda rolling into it. It was all about the competition In those players I think would not have wanted to to come off under any circumstances but also the fact that you didn't really know when the game would end or how much longer there would be in the game because of the the Weird L. Amending scoring system you know and the fact that the twenty four points that they added on to the leading teams score by normal all-star standards that would have taken like a half a quarter at most So I think maybe they were like look. We don't know how long this is. GonNa take so. Let's just roll with it. And then when they started actually playing defense. They're like well. It's too late now. We can't like make subs and pull some of these guys out on this stage right. Also they were all playing really. Well I mean going into the defense was working. Crates WAS YEAH. I of a suggestion here me out since we can do whatever we want. Now with the All Star game. What if they made the subs? Once you were sub down. You couldn't come back in the game so it's a little bit. I guess I'm just trying to make everything like the baseball all star game but it added a little more tactics on one. You deploy certain players when you take the amount and how you can structure lineups. Think about that. That's interesting although mind-blowing would we know so that would mean like you wouldn't start the game with like Lebron you might actually start with a weaker lineup or you or more balanced lineup or you might wait and see who the other team puts on the court and you know hockey style tried to match up. Certain guys you'd stagger the stars. I like that I try to change every aspect of this because it needs improvement. I hate the NBA. All Star game. I'm not shy about making that point. I can't stand it I find unwatchable so you should be in charge of changing it. Then maybe maybe me I think yeah. I mean if we're borrowing for hockey. They should just make subs in the middle of the play okay. That's one of the many things that I don't understand that at all anyway. The highlight of the all-star weekend is usually the famed dunk contest. This year's competition did not disappoint requiring an additional two rounds of competition before a Derek Jones. Junior of the Miami Heat finally claimed a single point. Victory over Orlando's Aaron Gordon. Despite Gordon's final round dunk over seven foot five Taco fall robbery Marion. We'll get to that. There was a lot of controversy over the judge's decision. Okay so I personally felt that Jones deserved the win. In the first Tiebreaker Round Jones had the dunk from the side where the ball is tossed off the side of the backboard and then went through his legs. And then Gordon did his third dunk of the night over. Chance the rapper. Which was my first problem there. But it was a carbon copy of previous dunk. Jones had done over two dudes instead of just one but I might be outnumbered here I think. What did you guys think of dust? First of all? I think Gordon did that just to show like. Hey you did this dunk. I can do this dunk but I also did my other. Dunks were better than your dunks and I mean Gordon was the better dunker I think consistently throughout the contest. He did more interesting dunks. You probably disagree. And that's not what it's about but I think the scoring system and the way the judge's work are like have poisoned the contest because first of all they because we know who the judges are able to kind of Chit Chat with each other at the scoring table..

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