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We literally have no spe cables in the entire house because you know how you always have that drawer at <unk> Home Cisco USB cables and Nicey lead from two thousand to hang onto because you think just one day I'll use that we dumped it. All we'll today was that day is that that cable I know because remember when we will packing up the office and we had this massive boxful of all these old cables. We're never going to need those again. Let's dump and we did. We dumped everything I lost a haul. It's tough there as well <hes> Dr God we needed it to let a problem <hes> and I'm going to go into a bulk that are going to lead from Sharon Hewitt role. It's fantastic tastic <hes> book on coincidences. We've been covering recently. We did a couple of episodes on it and she mentioned this in her bibliography. It's autism and the God connection and I just couldn't resist because we've had so many kind of new agey types especially those who are into the hall <hes> highly go children Indigo children a hybrid alien <hes> children sent to save us from the aliens that hall saying the a lot of them come to this bizarre conclusion that <hes> people with aspect as an autism somehow here to save us at some kind of superpower. Mary Rodwell comes to mind she kind of ends up there and some of her recent works and I just saw this title old his men the God connection by William Stillman and I thought I'll give a shot why no I'm an open minded guy of course <hes> maybe people with autism are I'll goats. Maybe I've been wrong this whole time a baby <hes> the full title is redefining the autistic experience through extraordinary accounts of spiritual giftedness and I'm really glad I went through this. It's full of incredible tiles and stillman himself <hes> suffers from asperger's and he's written a previous book. I think it's called the autism experience and he must go into more detail on his personal johnny but he claims he was at the point of suicide. I thinking these early teen Angel Light Teenage Years and he claims there was a presence with him that it always been with him that at the loss moment where he literally had a razor route ready to go essentially stopped him from committing the date and he fills thankful like his whole life he feels thankful to this kind of anonymous Mus presence. Did it actually physically wrestle it away for him or just know him. It was more of that impression your mind just like that wrestling of thoughts and India it's like it was their guarding him and he really feel strongly that it was an external presence so he's coming at this. Obviously it's called the God connection. He's coming at it from a metaphysical Oh perspective but he has this really interesting personal experience so looking forward to going into this and also hearing about Moon Madness is definitely madness released extension absolute madness but it's it's fascinating because it suggests that this could be why we haven't gone back to the moon that Nassar Jason knows something about what's going on up there. Ultimately NASA wall supposed to be a public agency. It's connected to the Department of Defense and there's being a hall he move details tells us come out that the Department of Defense was conducting experiments and keeping things very hush hush and it's all because of the possibility of what is up there on the moon speaking of you've synchronised cities hold that thought I'm just checking my kindle Aubrey. I swear got something about NASA that came in today. Oh really it's from a former NASA AH scientists who went public about his U._F._O.. Siding and then was basically ostracized from Nasa Oh yeah absolutely it happened <hes> Marian Rodney because he's not and he's got a brand new book out cold into sect <hes> I was thinking of inviting him on the shot actually finally getting.

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