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Successful with that. And ultimately, even though You know they were down 19 to 3. At one point in this game. It kept him in it. And you know, the Browns game against the Chiefs really turned on that crazy Rashard Higgins worst rule in sports play down by the goal line. And so I think the message there is You can't make a mistake like that and expect to beat the defending Super Bowl champions. Truer words never spoken. And you're right. We rallied around our hatred for that rule. Aaron, we appreciate the time and you helping us. Open up these old wound. Thank you. Nobody will talk to you soon. Yeah, well, the drive is next on Shin Angola, Junior, right? Aaron Goldhammer of ESPN. Cleveland. So there you have it. The rule that united us all in hatred, the fumble out of the back of the end zone there, and a reminder that even without Patrick Mahomes what the rest of this team has been built up, too, with all those weapons Still gonna be a tough out. Keep mall in front of you Try and get him up to make a play and just pray to God. Some of those guys drop it easier said then done good luck books all much easier said than done. We will check in with the NFC side later on remembering Tampa Bay, beating the Saints in the Superdome and try and figure that one out. But coming up next we'll get into the pre snap chess match with someone knows a lot about goats at the quarterback spot next. Wendy's is dropping the hammer with two made to order breakfast sandwiches for just $4. So if you've been wronged by pre made breakfast and they're frozen, voted eggs.

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