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Same way this can't stand we can't allow this where seriousness orders we ketelaar swooping in front of this which loves like this the fact that this guy even exist the fact that somebody out there agrees with trump the fact that somebody admires trump the fact that somebody wanted to visualize what trump was saying it didn't affect the we've that's what bothered him and all this talk about threatening journalists is a sideshow although i do think many of them actually believe that that's what this is islands of they don't have the ability to be honest with the world around them i don't think they have the ability to be honest about who they are at the same time used to get with the off rush limbaugh you i be work informative relevant on the twin cities news talk citing growing talk i karam our mira apple berenger banana they'll after broccoli loopier wavier cranberry i make my texassuperfood from fifty five raw vine ripened fruits and vegetables lambda legal nine now oh repay their heart lincoln you can see all 55 on texassuperfood dot com raspberry all very neutral we onodera now it's been barely a week and already my any better allah fifty pounds i remember you been on buka who i haven't been i'm dennis black here endow alice texas wouldn't you rather be healthy energetic and fit borderline shocking how much energy i have join us on texassuperfood dot com heck perfect dot.

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