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Edda slamming into Florida this morning 65 mile per hour winds churning up the state's west coast. ABC senior meteorologist Rob Marciano was in Tampa Western Florida's been getting slammed with heavy rain when obviously some surging waves here in Tampa Bay susceptible to search, no doubt about it, even from A strong tropical storm, which is what we're seeing at least 13 counties Under emergency declarations. You're listening to ABC News now. Here's what's happening around the state on Sacramento's news 93.1 kfbk. California Attorney General Javier over. Sarah is pushing back on the Trump Administration for failing to waive student loan interest payments for combat veterans. The Sarah says Congress waived all interest charges for service members who are serving on active duty during a war military operation or national emergency. However, the federal Consumer Protection Bureau estimates military borrowers have overpaid more than $100 million since 2015, a California lawmaker, is trying to follow in the steps of Oregon by decriminalizing psychedelic drugs. California state Senator Scott Wiener claims psychedelic drugs have been shown to have medical value in treating conditions like PTSD and depression. Lori Laughlin may be released from prison in time for Christmas. The full House actress is scheduled to leave prison on Sunday, December 27, but because it falls on a weekend, the prison has a policy which would allow her to be released the weekday before. That means she could be out on December 24th. I'm Nika. My guys now sacramental traffic from the KFBK Traffic center. Overnight on I five reduce lanes from just south of Florida wrote to high 5 to 5, A.m. and the North found five J Street off ramp is closed until 5 30 for utility work. South bound five year old corn rest area remains closed. Reduce lanes on south bound five around the area. The Jay Street off ramp until 5 30 reduce lanes from consumers Silver Boulevard to Laguna Boulevard until 6 a.m. and just off I five in woodland work continues on East Main Street on the off ramp crash or a hazard up ahead. Let us know about it on the kfbk Traffic tip line..

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