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Lucky enough to be at the roloff on with the one and only first last father matt roloff join spurs his father fatherhood for third interview matt. Roloff thank you for welcoming to the farm. They join me on. I last while it's absolutely my honor and i'm so you know i'm just honored that you asked me a third time. So let's start right here. Raw give us an update on the kids. How old are they right now. And how many grandkids we up to four grandkids. I'll start with that because that's the first Same come to my mind. As far as how old twin boys. German zachary are just over thirty. They had the thirtieth so they're going to be thirty one. I believe come. This may right around the corner and then you me how all the kids about it. But molly's over twenty four twenty five and jacob. I twenty two or twenty three so screw starting that i. I know all their birthdays. But there ain't with. I'd have to copulate but there again that point in life where you know. They're all on their own doing very very well. They're all healthy. Grandkids are growing like weeds So we got little jackson we Jackson has a three year old. He's for your sitter lion. Want an jeremy and audrey they have bony imber an industry and the he's one run around one years old so Get to see him a lot and they're always at the farm and it's a it's life is good. Life is good on the role of fossil bodies. The newest addition to the family bodey is the latest addition to the family right now. Yup when your dollar. Jeremy and the youngest at he's he's a we come bodey bear because it looked like a little teddy bear. Well well one thing. I wanted to do here matt. I know last time we we touched on all your kids. I wanted to kind of take a deep dive here back into you. Start from the beginning of all this with your father. Wanted to kind of know a little bit about the relation. You and your dad so if you could. What was the relationship like with your dad. How kind of follow was he. When you were growing up very great relationship with my dad still do on. I don't see him as much. They live down in california kind of distant from now. You know life gets busy and you. You don't get a chance to keep up as much as you'd like but But my dad had big presence in my life growing up. He was always home every night and we had dinner together. Family prayed at the table together as a family. Every single night He worked very hard but he also had time for kids. We did things You know he was always building things. I think i've inherited some of my sort of construction passion from him. The carpenter at one point in a truck driver and You don't my dad. Let me with some of the best Word pictures parables not from the bible but also biblical principles but also just having a confident in myself. Knowing i could be interesting. I wanna be used to say you can be president if you wanna to be nothing Obviously instilled in me a sense of self worth and self respect. Then he was always like it when the going gets tough the tough get going with one of his common phrases Very inspirational father. Figure to me. If i had to pick one here no in my life it would be my father. Egypt was always talking about you know one of his other everywhere you go very are none other words. Accept yourself for who you are because you can't run away from yourself That's the way. I took that in everywhere. You go there you are. You know he'd say that fairly frequently on And that was a code word for you. Know like yourself and love yourself because That should become who you wanna love. Because that's Who you're stuck with if very well said and saying that wherever you are there you are is more to i. I hear like being present to a lot of times. It becomes with a lot of the data talk about work life balance and it becomes one of these things of becoming present where you are where. Sometimes we're at the job thinking about our family. Sometimes the family. We're thinking about the job so being where you are. Sometimes a little easier said than done off from time to time. Well how your experience and watching your dad become a grandfather. What type of grandfather was he to your kids mike. My dad had for a period of time actually lived here in oregon for a couple years and so they were always wanting to be involved in my in my in. My kid's life has grandfather and now as great grandfather. It's amazing to watch my my dad. Come here's a great grandfather. So he's eighty eighty two years old and he wants to go down the slide with dummy wants to ride a bike with me wants to be very. He's very active physical And so he's still. He wants a little baby. Just hit when a little bit grant his gray granted. My grandkids come into the room. Hit up and just you know very animated and very victim up and hugged them and squeeze me very physical and in terms of just want to squeeze them and hug them and levonne and play. Go play with them. He gets in the toy room and get on the floor and play trucks. So he's extremely you know when they when they're the rope It's the only thing that matters and so he's very very distracted by the tv or book or he shift on full attention and my mother does too. So they're quite a couple van married forever. I don't know can't say move for fifty years. They're very much in love he. My dad was a big tough marine And you know it's been rough tough physical carpenter and truck driver and then My mom was high school sweetheart and they're still married today as it doesn't inspirational story to we use more of.

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