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Branca, Aaron Donald, Kansas City discussed on The Stephen A. Smith Show


Branca's and aaron donald by the way your secondary was suspect not anymore now marcus peters from kansas city and it keeps to lead from denver bet now your quarterbacks in los angeles offensively you still have todd gurley jared goff is sending let me walk into might be going but still got cupping woods and a couple of other pieces and who knows because guess what if indeed the los angeles rams entertaining the possibility of bringing del beckham junior the los angeles rams that means it got so money that means you've got some maneuverability that means you've got some kind of capability to make stuff happen me listen saves time for straight talk brought to you by straight talk wireless best phones best networks no contracts these are the kind of things you just can't ignore so my point to you is this are the rams interested in odell beckham junior quite sure they are whether they've spoken to the giants or not who would it be interested in odell beckham junior he's a sensational player what are the top three receivers in football the only two guys that you can definitively say are better than him his julio jones and antonio brown and that's not even based on ability it's based on resume so now that we have that out the bag let's get back to the giants i asked the question yesterday because i had a conversation with adam schefter the great adam schefter and adam schefter said you gotta make a decision can't keep them if you're not gonna pay him you either marry you or your break up.

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