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We, we all started to slowly while over there as if it was gonna be like anchorman where they start taking up all their their their weapons and they're like. Trying to bring a fucking torture. Try to try to where'd you get a try? Jesus. I don't know what's going on. People on Golf Courses Lately, but. Own Kobe agitated or not try to get food. Couple yelling at like a ninety year old Marshall is. Not so bad for the guy right it was. Marshall's just get disrespected guy though was like eighty five year old due to they don't beer candidate them to not have respect for those guys just like he's just doing his job. Just relax. Just keep it. Easy and you're the guys telling that story later. who were who were middle? Finger pumping the guy? Later and someone asks you like. What was it overnight while? They wouldn't let us play the US Open. This fucking relax all right just to have a good day out there don't. The elderly person. It was wild it was. I've never seen something. Elevate like that. For no reason the other thing is there's like a process to do it like. If you're like a plus two handicapped, you can literally just like ask the pro, and then you get approval to play those back tees. I asked him it's like. Did you get approval to do this new? No fucking went off the rails the wild. It was never seen before we just. We talked about it the whole trip. DOTS, but speaking of plus I played against plus two yesterday and I got fourteen strokes. How'd you do? I WANNA match well. Yeah, we won the match me and my, but he was also like a scratch, but I.

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