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It's eighty five degrees ten thirty eight at KNX as we've seen in recent days with these winds in the embers blowing fires can just come out of nowhere and that's what we've had this morning with this one the grew very quickly in the San Diego county area evacuations called for and for the latest live in what's been called the Saudi fire returned can extend seventies Chrissy in there for you just spoke with a cal fire in San Diego this fire jumping to sixty acres zero containment a mandatory evacuations orders are now in place this isn't Ramona area a somewhat of a remote area but we do have word of one structure damage multiple agencies of responding to this it's a vegetation fire Saudi truck trail and little page rolled road closures right now include Saudi truck trail little page road little page Elaine old Julian highway creek hollow Dr as well as quick a creek hollow road fire officials said that they were concerned of what they call the chance of a a critical rate of spread that's exactly what has happened we're staying on top of it back to you all right and Tom turn let me bring you back in once again because you have this freeway that shut down now as well yeah and no sooner did we a report on the freeway closures there was an update literally one moment ago from cal trans in San Diego the east and westbound lanes of the seventy eight third street have re opened however there is no access to old Julian highway from the seventy eight as you heard from Chris they're they're doing evacuation orders for some of the street down there because of the side a fire Saudi truck trail little page road Littlepage lane creek hollow Dr creek hollow road but again they have re opened the seventy eight at third street in both directions but you cannot access old Julia from the seventy eight get back to you all right thanks Tom anti yeah as you can tell things change very quickly she want to keep it right here on can X. ray to switch back to the tech far down the Santa Clarita valley area can extend seventies Margaret career has been talking to people at one of the evacuation centers at the college of the canyons market I've spoken with so far Vicky this morning feel like you know what can you do they're taking things in stride fires break out they know that especially in these extreme conditions of hot temperatures low humidity the strong Santa Anas and I'm looking around right now and the wind has been steadily blowing out here bending the tops of trees at some point I spoke with one woman marsia she's lived up on white canyon road near plum canyon that's on the northern end of canyon country she tells me she's lived in more than twenty years this morning I'm thinking okay nothing happy end I didn't hear anything because you know with all the people at the centre you'd be hearing chatter but there was nothing and then when.

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