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Sixty two degrees and clear at twelve o'clock. Good morning. I'm tearing the creative Queen, Elizabeth honoring President Trump with a formal state banquet at Buckingham Palace tonight. We celebrate an alliance that has helped to ensure the safety and prosperity of both our peoples for decades, the green talking about the shared heritage and common values between the US Great Britain, also noted this week, seventy fifth anniversary of d day, the allied invasion, that led to the end of World War, Two President Trump calling DJ, one of the greatest undertakings in history, the estranged husband of missing new Canaan mother and his girlfriend in court today photos, Delos, and my shelter conus are charged with tampering with physical evidence and hindering prosecution in the disappearance of Jennifer Boulos focuses lawyer argued his clients bonds should be reduced for substantial reduction. He's fifty one years old has Richard threes from two prestigious universities, substantial work history from financial world's. Construction business. The judge denied the request and said, half million dollar bonds for both Delos Andhra conus governor Andrew Cuomo throwing cold water on efforts to legalize marijuana. He says, there's just not enough support in the state Senate to pass. The Bill Cuomo also believes New Jersey's failure to pass legislation made the issue more complicated in New York. It is a politically controversial issue. There's no doubt. I also think New Jersey didn't pass it. Some of the wind came out of the political sale, but I think it's a question politics. I don't think it's about the substance of the Bill at all. I don't think the Senate has the votes to pass the Bill period. Lawmakers say they're going to continue trying to come up with legislation that will pass ahead of the summer. The Bill would legalize recreational use of pot for people who are twenty one and older. The legislative session ends.

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