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It's the superbike show last two here. Hello good evening and Yeah four four amazing. The shows on so quickly tonight is Without some amazing people on talking about amazing stuff We almost need a show Michael to talk about tonight show to talk about all this stuff that we said only. Because i'm like well who suffered loss and apology and everything else yet. Let's we'll have to do the show. You're gonna have karaz. Let's get through some prep By the way. I'll i'll thirty minutes before you sit normal carryover what we've been doing for the past few years we servant about. Oh yes. I'm lows not should have him on the show. Jeez yeah I was getting a bit nervous in that race for he was going to do it for a well. Yeah to renew dropped back. Some most three seconds three second apple when he's was clearly nugget may snobby. Let's just concentrate on what he's going to get automate. Some simon is losses. And said yeah. I'll be third in the championship. Now we will did was incredible as well. I'm in officially a min- wanted him to win it. I mean not taking away from from what you actually do with. The painting was in the injury that yet was i mean he was doing police. It wasn't doing a weekend in qualifying and practice. He could only do it for like a single lap. And then you could save the pits. I know that face the covering the pace when he is leaning against the boards and you could tell he was in agony act industry. I i honestly don't want to. I don't want to say that this is the wrong way and take anything away. I i know when. I'm probably going to know the laws family for called all much but with twenty years now and and help someone alex when they were kids and got lots to me but then will the donut. She can drink like kim fish. I've seen weather etchings of come from she will never give you never that woman. The dot is another level of drinking a what they put into that drinking assumes a into their race and i know that they will never give in so that some rolled through that race with a broken wrist was absolutely no surprise to me. Walk so ever because not family. I just note secrets. Dan alex and some soups great. Lots and the question you could see why when i talking about when they were kids to think that. And that's what sean. Three one on. Sunday and i think it the fbi met an award for the british right at the season. Then somebody going because he. He came into the garbage on sunday volley after his brother alex's doing account i simply out ride i cannot raise his vital digital myself owner. The ride and alex wayne cam met senate. Let's get the saw and just go as far as you come on. I think one of these classes slots was pointing. On on one of the one of the law slops to make kind of cancer it could make time but a port one of his less fussy slaps on the last lap so it just shows the the mom the strength of the month the courage of the month. That's just hope he wins the championship. Next season. i'll go down to lincoln keys us. Smokers came jake anyway. Him or jay did you say did you see his hand that he well. Yeah that was nothing. Nothing quite tops. The post that called it earlier in the year there. Did you see that one decision. I'm very squeamish. No sonal pitcher. Status is the counselor at the day after it counts sprawled himself because customs brand new pm. Dopey i think you've council. No bucking knocking too much. There's been a couple of comments throughout the show. Thank you very much if you have been in touch with us apologies for not reading out messages. Just because we've been literally it's been like a conveyor belt of interesting guests on the show tonight boxer regarding going back to the super spy factory triumph and who might be riding that well Someone suggested michael. That maybe you might be involved and then someone else shot you down on the idea of that happening. I think he was terri stride. Who suggested that you should just stay on the collingtree and the billions the we've got enough chips and gravy to which dave turner who suggested in the first place said that's quite true. He couldn't wanna a bath. Well there's a guy he can kiss my screen. This clock and i need to go on a buff. What we'd all be so you can keep come see south and asked to the thanks for listening guys right. Honestly company cracking me. So then you go. Michael warning the Triumph team i or at least we think he knows who will be no idea. I have no idea. But i think on escapes without really even know it. Prochains sewing for manny. Well go back and listen to that again. I'll go back and listen to that when i'm editing. It and i think he did suggest he did say that. He thought he had conversations with that. Was his words. Yeah the person and then then you talk about that for some reason Michael let's let's get onto talking about something else. I'd be like no tell us more who who dropped in tenant situation army south australia china move under. I don't know what was worse. That or wa- max cook one of his bucket list mrs that we think it is in the show citing. The song wanted to three some time. These past ten o'clock end of the show. Tyra think okay. Thank you for tuning in if you want to see at all our nonsense and just listen to any of the individual interviews are will be till four. Am editor in the mall in on the internet. Were just shut them out. And you can also go on our website. We've got a website. Mostly dot radio. Pestle michael our website which you are currently on motorsport dot radio if you want to go back and listen to any of the interviews. Just.

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