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Now saturated with smoke Holly Quan for CBS news Gardnerville California president trump's turning to fellow Republicans to push back against the democratic led impeachment inquiry in the GOP controlled Senate more action is planned today after dozens of house members delayed a hearing yesterday CBS news Catherine Johnson has more details from Capitol Hill Senate Republicans are introducing a resolution today condemning house Democrats for conducting closed door depositions as part of the impeachment inquiry to urge the house Democrats to give the same rights to president trump is Clinton and Nixon hand do this behind closed doors house Republicans staged a protest yesterday storming the secure briefing room where the interviews are happening they refused to leave for five hours what are they trying to hide from the American people that they won't allow voting members of Congress to hear what's going on in that room Democrats see the closed door hearings are standard and necessary to keep witnesses from coordinating their testimony when investigation is done they'll be public hearings that's how it's always been done Republicans from three house committees are also participating Catherine Johnson CBS news Capitol Hill the lock down a naval base point Loma has been lifted the installation on harbor drive is locked down for about an hour over reports of a suspicious person it's a tense time around San Diego county today what with this fire weather event but you can take some solace in knowing we as a community is much better prepared for these situations the story next warning if you're drowning in debt you can't afford do not look the credit card companies trick you into thinking that you have to pay it all back because you don't what the credit card companies don't want you.

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