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And i i know that sounds like you're saying something but you're not saying shit may i want to work big toe small i want to work of all about all the homeless and all the traffic and the potholes and the amount of lawsuits brought against the city each year first cycleless who hit cracks in streets and crushed her face on the sidewalk because aren't being maintained i want to work on that and then we can get to the small stuff gavin news them and when i complained about traffic he said to me he saw signed that he liked what was it gary i was trying to find the audio for you a billboard that he signed he said it said you're not in traffic you are traffic uh witness blow va and of the various order that means nothing but very cure could guardian philosophy how does that help with traffic downright exactly let me go use you've guidance got it all move for my better location tomorrow so i feel in you tell me what you think of this theory i will i will i will tell you my homeless theory in in los angeles in santa monica and all the other outlying cities around here uh in one moment first i'll tell you about the legalzoom the holidays are over now legalzoom can help make two thousand eighteen memorable make this year and make this year resolution finally get serious about launching and running your business um rest easy knowing your family's future squared away with that legalzoom estate plan legalzoom not a law firm but they have resources to keep you on the right path including advice from their network of independent attorneys take your business to the next level it take the legalzoom even mark mr mar i i i probably rupert over in the last year.

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