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More than half of enterprises think they need a complete supply chain revamp. They're fed up with massive hits to revenue, profits, and reputation. Thinking the same can help. Hundreds of Fortune 500 and global 2000 enterprises count on GE software to transform their supply chains for greater agility and resilience, with complete visibility and better control. GE, software, strategy, managed services. This is Bloomberg daybreak Asia. It's a quarter past the hour now, time for a check of sport from around the world. Here's Dan schwarzman. Thanks, Brian. Arsenal remains atop the Premier League table to dominating win over bottom dweller Nottingham fars 5 mill at Emirates as reefs Nelson scores a brace for the Gunners. Elsewhere Manchester United leapfrogs over Chelsea for fourth place in the league table, but the one zero winner of a West Ham at Old Trafford behind a Marcus Rashford goal in the 38th minute. In La Liga, Real Madrid stays unbeaten in the league with a one wheel drive versus girona to take a one point lead over Barcelona in the league table while in Syria, A.C. Milan loses at Torino two to one, Lazio falls to salernitana three to one while Atlanta shuts out empire to nil. Manchester United manager Eric ten hug says the club will look at the contract situation of goalkeeper David de Gea, whose contract ends at the end of the season with Old Trafford holding a one year option. The 31 year old has 5 clean sheets so far this season, but he's making 375,000 pounds per week making the hair the high-speed keeper in the world. We gave Sunday the NFL season as the Patriots forced three Zach Wilson interceptions to beat the jets in New York 22 to 17 to snap the jets four game winning streak. The Pats improved to four and four while the jets dropped to 5 and three. With the wind New England coach Bill Belichick passes short halas for the second most wins in league history with 325. Elsewhere the Giants are battling the Seahawks in Seattle, the commanders are on the road to colts on the forty-niners are playing at the rams. Finally a big matchup on Sunday Night football has a 5 in one Buffalo Bills are hosting the three and four Green Bay Packers. I'm Dan Schwartzman that your Bloomberg world sports op game. Markets, headlines, and breaking news 24 hours a day. At Bloomberg dot com, the Bloomberg business out and at Bloomberg quick take. This is a Bloomberg business line. Well, we all like it to be a really hot on the heels of the big games we saw on Friday here in Asia with that, of course, so the major indices in the U.S. all essentially rising by more than two and a half percent or just about two and a half percent. You've got equity futures in this part of the world pointing to gains as we get to begin a pivotal week for markets that look like you see interest rate decisions from central banks, including the Federal Reserve and the Bank of England. Now, contracts for these are features or benchmark shares in Japan and Hong Kong and Australia all on the way up after that rally on Wall Street and it was a very good day for tech companies in particular after Apple managed to sway some of the concerns and some of the wobbles we've been seeing in that particular industry group. Traders in Asia also be watching for China's official PMIs this session that projected to show recovery, perhaps the recovery struggling to gain much traction, as far as foreign exchanges get the dollar making some small advances against most major

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