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Death sex and money from W NYC. Before you go one last quick thing we hear a death sex and money. Of A fundraising campaign and we're asking you to help us keep our show financially strong during this really challenging time. The best way for you to do that if you can is to become a sustaining member of our show at means every month you make a small. Donation to the show which really helps us plan ahead and if you sign up to give ten dollars a month right now, we'll send you our brand new death sex and money mug. It's got a new logo and on the other side, the words do the next right thing on inspired by a listener we talked to back in the spring were only sending out two hundred and fifty of these. So don't miss out to donate to the show go to death sex money dot org slash donate or text dsm two, seven, oh one oh, one and thanks so much. If you've been having a hard time customizing your workout to fit your new lifestyle these days you're not alone that's sex and money is supported by bulldog online yoga the streaming platform that makes working out both fun and convenient build strength relieves stress and get your stretch on with easy to use APPs for your computer phone and smart. TV with classes that range from ten to sixty minutes, bulldog sets all online yoga classes custom spotify playlists that will have you smiling while you sweat it out head over to bulldog online dot com today and get thirty days free. That's bulldog online dot com to stream your first thirty days completely free..

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