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Ginger Kerrick, Webster, Texas discussed on Other Side of Texas


On a jam packed program. Got Ross Ramsey ahead for you, executive editor of the Texas Tribune. And folks, how long has it been since you heard this music? Had. It's been the wall. Eight years reaching eight apparently coming to conclusion today apparently. This news out just this afternoon. Ginger Kerrick of Webster. Let me start with the headline governor abbot appoints three to Texas Tech university system board of regents Austin, Texas is the dateline. Texas governor Greg Abbott has appointed three to the text university aboard regions with terms set to expire January thirty one twenty twenty five lots of people ask me have text me called me message me had texts here on the show. What's going on? We'll now we all know together. What's going on? Ginger Kerrick of Webster is the flight integration division chief for NASA. Johnson Space Center and has served embarrass roles and capacities in human spaceflight training in operations for twenty seven years. He's a member of the society women of women engineers, volunteer coordinator for Trump and fynt triumphant excuse me, so used to sing a T R U Impe and saying Trump triumphant tales Inc and is annual MC as Galveston polar plunge benefiting.

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