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Tripadvisor. But after decades of scoring film and television Danny wanted to step away briefly from sculpting other people's worlds and create one of his own his new album is it's the pricing. It's called eleven eleven. It's Danny Alvin this famous film composers first violin concerto and listen. This is never happened to me before. But speaking of surprises. So we were just about to start our conversation and his his phone went off like his phone rang, and I couldn't help but notice he had an interesting ring tone. So I had to ask him about it. Anyway, that's that's where things start off with Danny often. Phone off there. It is. That's the violent, by the way, I'm dying to know. Now that it happened. What your ringtone is day the earth stood still Bernard Hermann? Wow. It's the first piece of music that ever got me into film music. That's that's something beautiful about that. Like whenever it rings. It would it would trigger something in you. Yeah. I was around twelve when I saw the movie, and it's the first time I ever became aware of a score. And it started my long interest in film music. It was Bernard Hermann because at that young age a lot of my favorite movies in that period of time were really Harry housing. Adventures like, Dave, you're I mean other than the day there is that still it would have been like Jason and Argonauts. The seventh voyage of Sinbad mysterious island. These were the really fun fantasy films of my youth. And if I saw Herman and Harry housing on the Bill, meaning the animator, the claymation animator Ray, stop motion animator Ray, Harry housing and the composer Bernard Hermann, I knew it would be my favorite movie or I loved that combination. So I always have a special place in my heart for the day the earth stood still because like. I suppose everybody you see movies. And you think the music is just there for the first time. I said I remember thinking somebody wrote this. This wasn't just there. The music stood out for me. And I paid attention to who I actually saw. There was a name. There's a person who did this. And so it was a turning point for me. But anyhow, I digress. I I was reading some of your notes on the violin concerto. One thing. Stuck out to me? Can you wrote the violin is to me a very intimidating solo instrument violent concertos were not really a part of my repertoire, classical music listening and skip ahead. And you said one thing became abundantly clear. Writing a violin concerto would require far more disciplined than anything. I had done previously and would be even more difficult to execute than I'd imagined. I I love difficult. Well, it's funny because I had made a mental decision around that time that would have been two three years ago that I am going to sacrifice some film work and do concert work every year. I need to do that. And I've done a couple pieces over the previous decade. But I just never found the way to make it a regular thing. Because you know, film work is just always there, and it's hard to say, no. And the thing is I imagined my I work because in a way, I see this as my first attempt at this new career if that's what it is. Because even though I've done three non film works before this. They weren't designed to become part of an orchestra in orchestra's repertory. I'd never imagined a violin concerto. I was imagining something for percussion or piano because those were the things I felt closer to and we were playing Burton concert three years ago. I guess in Prague and in the bar afterwards. I was approached by my agent for non film. Music, right. And he said, I had an interesting conversation with the orchestra director after the show, and he'd like to know if you'd be interested in writing a violin concerto for sandy. This is sandy Cameron Cameron. How would you like to write her a violin concerto and always with just about anything in my life my mouth works faster than my brain? So I said, yeah. Sure. And then I start thinking that mean, I'll figure that outlet. Yeah. And then it was it wasn't for a couple of months later when I started to really delve into violin concertos that I thought oh my God. Maybe this was a huge mistake. So I really spent a couple of months sandy kind of got me started on about twenty five different the violin concertos and these were like post twentieth century, romantic concertos. This wasn't like Mendelssohn or Mozart or anything like that. No, I already I knew that even though I love Beethoven Brahms and Mozart. It's not where my heart is my orchestral music heart got connected in the early twentieth. And that probably really I should call it the late nineteenth century because it starts with a lineage of Russians really probably beginning with.

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