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Nice to start off the mysterious night at ten hour with some good local news, our local nightmare. Nightmares over. We found the monkey monkey spent found Kelly is back safe and sound at the Palm Beach zoo returned by the West Palm Beach police sometime just before midnight last night. Stakeout and everything. There was like a standoff, so I don't know. So, you know, once they of the two six thousand dollars somebody went I need that money. Hey, my neighbor. He's got this monkey. He didn't have it yesterday. He's all scratched up. Gee, what happened Bob? What that would be the ultimate to me the ultimate gut. You guys I want to see this. As much shot in his scratches all over his face. Because the picture of the actual picture. Finally, we have this little bug even the Bobby too. She's sticking her tongue out of the cameras. Like hysterical. Perfect. Then she's eating a grape. But it's amazing, and you were right before and you said people love animals more than they love people. So this story of this little monkey granted. It was a sad story till he found her. You would have thought it was like made of gold or something. It was unbelievable was everywhere. And it would still be everywhere. Had this monkey knock been found. All no, it's still will be because now we've turned this into vengeance. Now. People wanna know they want tar and feathering their what someone hung in town square your rights. They want to find out who the culprit was and they wanna throw arrows and rocks at him. You know, God forbid at somebody that actually. What amazed me is all I can think about is. Yes. I I am probably one of the biggest animal lovers in the world. I had like forty five of them. So don't throw a rocket me. But I'm saying if you have a kid that's missing right now. And, you know, the West Palm Beach police have been trying to help you find this child or the highway patrol or the FBI or whatever you can a damn monkey just took precedent over my son or my daughter, it's hard to swallow. It really is. But that's America people love monkey stories about the Boba. Not was the got. That got shot that they killed. Remember? Oh, the zoo monkey that they can't Harambee Harambee Harambee the world was there are still a like Harambee is still like one of the biggest hashtags on Twitter. Of course, there was another tragedy. Right. But, you know, say somebody getting picked off the street and some crime and nobody cared about twelve twelve people could be shot. That's okay. You move on vets people, but animals, we love them. And in this case, it was a cute little monkey, and it's a monkey you animals can't really defend for themselves. So that's why people like to them. Now, you wait the full scale. I team investigations local news station. The the monkey stealing will have somebody at the police department. Somebody zoo somebody at the house where the monkey was found. God tiger yesterday. Remember, I told you there was that story that guy went into an abandoned house. The Texas is smoking joint in any walks in. And there's a cage in the cage is he very fat tiger. But it was held together by a piece of string in a in a screwdriver closed. The cage animal good really at any time probably had gotten up and push the cage door open just walked away. But they had no idea who on the animal for how it got there. They were for the tiger nice meal out of that one. Good. So the guy that was there smoking a joint call the cops and said, I don't think I'm hallucinating. I think there's a tiger in front of me. That you heard about we'll have more details in this probably next segment, but the looks as though somehow some way the border wall is coming now a little bit of his DS Trump's going to accept the congressional deal. It's one point five million and fifty five mile, blah, blah, blah. But he says other sources I'm going to get the wall done is he happy about it. Not exactly. But he yet is kinda happy happy at.

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