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New cases. Yesterday reported the most deaths in the days since early May. America's listening to Fox News Hey, LBJ NEWS Time 802 Good morning. I'm Mark Caesar. Austin Public Health prefers that students stay home after Thanksgiving, thinking as the cases will jump up following the break, so limiting student interaction on campus may help blunt the impact of it, Dr Jason Pickett says, Because cases really aren't spreading in the classroom, staying home with limit transmission among extracurriculars. We have recommended that schools remain virtual for the week after The Thanksgiving holiday, at least that they may reduce him that in person athletics Austin Superintendent Stephanie It was all day has been considering keeping kids at home to release December 4th. And she is expected to make that decision public today. Patrick Osborne, NewsRadio kale, DJ or Steve Adler prefers that you not get together with friends and family as people with her around their friends and their family. They don't wear their masks down each other. Socialized there figure hates my friend and I could be carrying the virus. True Texas Covert patients will soon get new therapies. Texas State University is chair of the clinical lab science program, Dr Ronnie Rohde says the treatment is an infusion of what they call monoclonal. Anybody, he says. This is a type of passive therapy. In other words, when you give it to somebody, we hope it's gonna work that one time so it's going to neutralize the infection you have. It's going to bind up those viruses so that they can't keep replicating in your body so that the infection starts slowing down. And hopefully you get over the infection, he says. The vaccine is still needed to help people create their own natural anybody's rendering folks immune. John Cooley News, Radio K O B. J and Austin police officer on suspension for allegedly pulling a gun on a driver in a road rage case will not face any charges. Police say Thomas to Minelli was late for work and was speeding when he had a minor crash. A P D says that led him to pull his personal weapon. The other driver has stopped cooperating with investigators. That means the case lost its main witness, 804 K. 0, B. J. Here's Austin's on time traffic with Melinda Brandt. Seen justice. Slight delay on 35 North bound riverside drive to about seven street and also seen some brake lights on 1 83 North bound, starting as you approach Lamar and extending to Poland. Signal's still causing a problem over on South 3 60 at mo Pack as they're flashing red and you'll need to treat that as an always stop your next reports in 8 15 I Melinda brilliant with Austin's on time traffic. Honey of sunshine. I stayed today. The high and 74 from the Weather Center. I'm Steve Williams. This Senate bodies get Austin News on demand it news radio k.

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