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Ozzie. Osborne of stand up comedy. I can i can walk. So did you go through that. Same transition when he came when he came to the wwf. Change over where Because you mentioned earlier that you you realize it wasn't. It wasn't real that it was choreographing as such but When it became the hulkamania era when he became the The glitz and glamour says. Did you go through that transition like. Yeah maybe. I don't wanna watch this anymore now. I mean it was still good like i loved. I loved his adriana. Donnas and piper you know like Dino bravo macho man rick martel. It was cold it was actually it was it was It was good. It was good got through there and you know then women would go see wrestling. You go save wrestling now. It's only kids and you know maybe their parents but you can get hot chicks like wherever like in the mid west whatever in the south would ric flair out there. We know what i mean. It was all hot chicks tapes. You like they're coming to get back to as they were known as they were known back in the days. Rats the rats were. They say who had the better rats. They got the time when you started wrestlers or a stand up comedians. Who had the better rats we. We ended better rats later on for sure. You know when the time was right. Yeah it was definitely Easy but in good but you know. I think wrestlers can have. They can get the hottest chicks in town. His they're only there you know they weren't there all the time. They would come like one seventy eight months. Maybe right as i am baseball. They have the annie's when guys were due to circuit and they'll hit up and they have their town antonella Somebody who will take care of me when i get into town. Whatever in stand up a in your heyday today. did you have your own. Annie's in certain towns Just not map many. It was mostly like you. Just go find. It says it's brought to you. They're going to pay you to go drinking. Get crazy do whatever you want. I love it so I mentioned earlier. The connection between Wrestling in an standard comedy and we mentioned a lot of guys who are or dabbing into the stand of world from wrestling do thing. Get those guys who think from wrestling that. Think that they're funny and they could be in the in the same An arenas as you are. Because i always take certain people who think they could Just because they're good on the mike that they can be funny and it's like now it's it's not the same. Have you ever managed to a couple of guys who said yeah. I can do what you do well. Everybody says that you know different sells them. They should do it. I love your on a club for a reason. But you know. I work with mick foley enough times. And he's funny. He's claimed i remember it. I said to a monday. I do this when you go on stage and he goes. I liked that. But i'm not gonna say faulk bob because he doesn't cards and he's very entertaining. He'll he's a nice guy. You know what i mean. He's just the nicest guy in. See him limping around. It's fucking heartbreaking. You see what he did. You know what i mean. It's not like it's like what happened to you It's happened at work you know. But you've seen him fall from the get thrown shit. I mean i. It's amazing when you think about it that he can still walk truthfully. Yeah i had a. I had a conversation with One of my coworkers. And i said you. You don't understand the fact that what these guys go through every night. A lot of these guys are working five six. Maybe sometimes seven nights in the early days. They were doing Doubles on a sunday or yeah and it's like it's a car crash for them every night and it takes his toll but What what you you you known in seen in the early days it's kinda different now because the The landscape of wrestling has changed. Have you been watching the product lately. I tried to get in there. Getting into today w But you know i. I get really busy. I've been taping a lot shows. Now i'm doing a few august now. So i mean i miss them. I should just take them. But like the the wwf. It's okay it's okay. it's not like it was a w is is is more fun but when they make mistakes they make big mistakes trained trained. Do you could yeah. That's not supposed to do that. Yeah totally but the whole thing is is that when i was so interested a year ago when wrestling came on with no audience. You know it was on tv. And i said my wife i go. I wanna watch this because this is going to show you who has talent. 'cause they're going to have to go on the mike by themselves to nobody and they're going to have to go in the ring with no audience and day. You're going to see any little mistake when you're watching without audience. I'm held the audience. Noise take your your your vision off a big mistake. But even with a mike if you're talking and then i'm gonna you know go and you're just like oh my god. This guy is not perfect. This girl is not perfect. His job and i would say this person is amazing. I can't believe how good acting with nobody there yelling at nobody is. It's telling these days because it's almost like showing your grit and i and i had james madden on the show of a stand up. Comic a stomach comedian as well. Who's a big wrestling fan. And he he he mentioned about how when the pandemic hit that how you guys had to really grind you got you know. This is what you got. Shoot your grit and show originality and show how What's a true testament of comedy. What was it that. What was your your first measures to to do not audience comedy because it's ridiculous to say it sounds crazy but this is what you had to do. Well i started working with cars. I mean i didn't know what to do. We're going gonna put you on a back of a flatbed truck and the people are going to be in their car and they're gonna be when they like a joke at. This is fucking weird. But you know identical times. And i was like i'm not doing a zoom shows Wade out you know what i mean right. Just create you know. Come up with ideas for shows on to.

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