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I'm Ron future AL and we've got baseball coming up. We've talked a little bit of baseball ready. We got baseball coming up with Fran Reardon next hour. He's the new manager of the aviators the Las Vegas aviators playing at the Las Vegas ballpark right now. They're playing a game up there. They had batting practice today. So the first media day out there, they oh they showed the food some of the food prianti. So there's no and then a few other places. I don't know if some of the other places, but it was just Meatball subs and good stuff. Some hotdog burn my mouth. I I like smoking you want those I guess especially in a public. Intestines quick those. But some people do. Things like that. So it's it's a yet mixing the ballpark's between foo foo food and real honest to goodness ballpark food greens and protein in there. So they go, and you know from food go. Okay. I know we also talked a little hockey we're gonna jump right into it right now. Jeff Sharples Las Vegas guy who was here with the Las Vegas thunder for years and play to the NHL defenseman with the Detroit Red Wings, and Jeff Sharples. You're you're in Canada right now is that you're out of the country. The country right now, but happy to be with you on a low, Susie. Down there. It's a little cooler up here. The great white north. And now what you guys are what we're used to in Vegas, but it is beautiful nonetheless. So when I heard hockey I had to call perfect. Well, Suzy's a big nights fan Suzie winter the night's game to this year, not to brag also to the thunder games back in the day. Thunder experience you little young. We were all little younger back, then Jeff weren't we? So great experience and Suzy new hockey at work in Vegas. Oh, the thunder was great. It was awesome down there. And a lot of reminiscent T Mobile's reminiscent to the Thomas and Mack. And a lot of ways with the energy, the noise and. The people you talked to around the league. It's it's, you know, it's incredible. And it just carries on and here we are getting ready for your to the Vegas Golden Knights and they're in the playoffs and got a hand your give them credit because it hasn't been easy. But they got there. And they're extremely dangerous in my view. Disappointed that we don't have a Stanley Cup yet. Taking so long. We we better get in line with. Tick. Yeah. Funny. The other night it was there with Detroit. And of course, I'm torn when Detroit comes to town. Thank goodness only come once a year, but we had friends in from Detroit. And it was a lot of fun to to go to the game. But you could tell we didn't get off the nights then get off to a good start. And you could just hear the murmur like what's going on where we're supposed to everyone knows Detroit's down in the standards, and we're just supposed to walk over these guys and Saturday night, we're supposed to have a great time. And you know, we've talked about it throughout the year. How difficult the league is and the recipe for success at Vegas is booth up over the first two years they've been league is unprecedented. But you know, even a team might be Troy that's having an off year show the other night that you know, it's not easy. Anybody can come up and bite in. And I think it shows just how great the night have been. And everybody in the organization has been phenomenal players coaches, Gerald manager coats. And of course, Mr. Foley. And I think the way that they've made a show as well. As hockey has really brought us together. I mean, my boyfriend is from Detroit, and he's like, yeah. We don't have ice girls that come out get the ice every two minutes. There are many. I know. Well, the other night our last night when they played Edmonton is able to watch the game up here and on the Canadian feed, and it, you know, every commercial break like the local fans are used to see, you know, the strip while you got the blog yellow, and they got the fountains, and then you know, they make even the Canadian broadcasts made it like that this is the place to be. And then they did a little thing on how the nights are handed out at lunch boxes now with the biggest tonight's globe on it. And they get a little Dicker champs, and they get this and get that in their in their lunch box. So it's really a grassroots separate effort to get from the ground up and the community and you're right. It's been wonderful. We up all terrific people in our community service industry community people always giving and for you know, the nights to come in have the success. They've had it just helps the gel, and of course, with you know, everything that happened last year. With October one and the night took the torch, and they started running with it. And and everybody's got behind them. It's a great story. I mean it sports. I can't think of a bigger story especially in NHL since maybe Wayne Gretzky got traded. And and you know, the team story, I think the nights may be one of if not the biggest team story in the history of the league and that over one hundred years, so that's that's pretty special and as a kings fan, I sort of like that Gretzky trade that sort of put a smile on my face, but we get Jeff polls on the line with us here. Former thunder player former NHL player with the Detroit Red Wings with Suzy draining. I'm Ron few trial. And we're talking some hockey right now as we get set for the Stanley Cup playoffs. The the night's have two more games left in the regular season. They play Thursday here against air Zona and then Saturday against the LA kings on the road and then the series begins sometime middle next week. Against the San Jose Sharks. I want you to size this up. Jeff, the San Jose Sharks. And the nights know each other. Well, they played in the playoffs last year nights beat this sharks in six games. And they've their last game had a few fights in it. And if you browser Joe Thornton went added with Ryan Reeves they were going to stick the stick and badly. What what how do you see this matchup between these two pretty good hockey teams in the NHL? Yeah, they're both grown. They're both. Really good teams. You know, I had a cat. In the pre season and actually had a chance to watch some of the practices. And I was, you know, talk about them for just a moment. But I was amazed at how they are with their forwards and they have so much skill upfront. They're dynamic, and of course, then they make the trait for Carlson, which, you know, along with Brad burns and work ethic, and just you know, Braun and Corey Dillon, you know, these guys that's five, you know, everyday NHL defenseman, and you could put more than one of those guys in the superstar category. It looked like it was a match made in heaven along with Martin Jones who played you know, he's played in some big games and got them to the final few years ago. So they look like they were kind of when I watched them. I thought they were the consensus. But I in the Pacific give Calvary full marks for what they've done, son. They not unlike Vegas is add their bumped this year. But. If I was looking at data off to a rough start got it together to you know, quite total little bit. And then last night, they look a little bit more like themselves. Four or five games to me. Like they play two periods of hockey. They didn't get off to the best starts. But if you were to compare the teams looking at them, and what you see is you see very, very even teams. You've got ten ten players to play for the thirty six players the nights at over twenty goals. You have six players. So the twenty goals ten players for the knights have double digits more than ten goals twelve for the sharks. I think if you series up there's you know, there's a bunch of things we could talk about but one of the things for Vegas to be successful is going to they're going to need their speed when they're quick through the neutral zone the middle of the ice. They're they are really tough at five on five. It's good as anybody and their power play. Been hit myth. It's not so much the percentage it's the timeliness of the goal. And you know, and then if Vegas is getting us speed on them, which I think they will it's going to be really important for San Jose to to capitalize on the power play. And then you know, the big one is done for them to success in the series. They're going to have their goalkeepers. They're going to have to because we'd expect Mark under flurry to be back. And he been one of the top one to three goals in the league this year. I mean, certainly talk five I put them in the race. And and I would say, you know, he's right there with ski. There's some other goals that have had great years too. But. That's the recipe speed and power play timely goals for Vegas. And and then on the short side, you know, special teams same thing, but they're going to need some stops and to get by vagus flurry. And now you've got that situation. Max legacy has been sent back to the Chicago wolves. They didn't mention flurry. But you gotta assume that flurry then is going to be activated. Whether he's going to be ready to play on Thursday night. Don't know it'd be nice to see if he can get a little bit of ice time just to start getting fresh again and see how things go, but but you gotta have flip flurry. I say flurry at seventy five percent is going to be better than not having flurry. But still you you wanna you wanna have your goalkeeper hundred percent for the playoffs. Absolutely. And you know, if you look at the stats VC teams. I mean, we're at eighty games San Jose event. Couvert tonight nights are all, but you know, the the get go shots against per game. You know, everything the only thing that kinda sticks out to me. The power play percentage. She's a little higher day than it is for Vegas. And you know, that's why I think if they if they can get the timely goal that's going to be huge. But if you look at the goalkeeping, I mean, flurries ninety one and a half percentage, both the so big goalkeepers are under ninety, you know, mountain Jones straight up against leery about a half a goal game more that he's allowing me. And the other thing is is he's Mark on the flurry. I mean, everyone in the league, you know, knows this guy he at eight shutouts this year. He's second in the league and even milcome sue ban who came in and finally got a chance to play. And I thought you know, he had he he's played. Well, I mean he's over ninety saves percentage, which which is huge is goals against as under under both Jose goalie. So, you know, Malcolm, sue badness it's been good for him. And he got a big win last night. He's made some huge saves. They weren't some rough times with him. But that's the expect. That he's he on goalie, and you know, it's sort of it comes down to it. Obviously you'd have to give the edge in goal to Vegas. That's not to say that Martin Jones is capable of playing very well played very well on T mobile or this year. But I would have to say you're going to give me a goal in the Western Conference or in the league. I'll take mon- Marc Andre Fleury. He's the only one I know I'll take him. Another one couple of Modi's Carey price in Montreal who happens to get into the playoffs. Look out. He's capable of doing..

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