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Bottom of the hour we'll be talking, about those motorized. Scooters and they're everywhere. And an emergency room doctor says they are keeping him and others, very, busy right, now though for years we've been told to eat low fat dairy, because it's a healthier but new study finds whole milk and full fat yogurt cheese may actually. Be better, for you lead. Author Dr Martha auto she's a nutritional cardiovascular epidemiologist at UT health Houston's. School of public health and Dr we, thought this was bad but it's actually good. Take us through it Hi yes thank. You for having me on I was study was conducted. In nearly three thousand. Participants age sixty five years and older and they were followed up, for, over twenty, years what we found this particular study was interesting because it used, blood measures as opposed to self report that dairy mpc and what we found when we compared. Participants at, higher level of. This very fatty fact be biomarkers with lower levels we've found that no. Link between their effects and causes of, staff or more specifically heart disease or stroke Now was it just that. You found no link or as I understood the study and correct me if I'm wrong. Not only was there no? Link, but did you also find that it may cut down the consumption of high fat milk products may actually cut down the risk of, stroke or heart attack so. From these three different facts that we looked. At. In. Blood all found no increase the, risk and one in particular showed lower risk with stroke about forty percent lower risk of, stroke associated with higher levels of this particular component. In blood so where did all that advice for years and years of the maybe we're still getting where did that. Come from well it comes from early studies that really look at higher intakes of fetch rated fat relationship with blood. Cholesterol levels and what they found which is not necessarily contradict it's not gonna tell you contradicted bio studies Hiring takes of such rated, fat increased blood cholesterol and we know that it increased both the bad less real good cholesterol no our study looked at disease outcome which is the ultimate. Question we want to know yet he changes cholesterol level what what happens with risk of disease and that right and what we found in older adults especially with that, there was no link knowing the risk of cardiovascular disease and in fact one. Of these particles that they said seem to lead to lower risk and what we can. Be the message he is? That, food dairy foods and not necessarily only saturated fat they have a lot of good but passion this calcium vitamin c and we look, at the food as a. Whole and consumption okay now now I I Doc I, would be remiss if I didn't ask and then I'll I'll go onto. Another, question but I just wanted to, be certain was was the. Study that you took part. In in any way, shape or form financed at all by any arm of. Dairy industry yes or no okay all, right so that, out of the way so if you personally had choice. Between a frothy, milkshake with mounds of whipped cream atop board or a double serving of non fat frozen yogurt which of the. Two would you go for well I would go for your work. Regardless of whether it's fat or, low fat, I would, have no, problems having your work milkshake it is problematic because there's a. Lot. Of sugar in, it This is southern California's only twenty four hour local.

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