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He he goes through a look. Charlie's angels the last two movies the last one. Charlie's angels full throttle came out in two thousand three I loved. Charlie's angels does full throttle. I thought that was an awesome. Great time at the movies but that was two thousand three this another thing. You can point to write bright burn leisure go. Who who's leading that her her or and the kid is attractive from that was a smaller release? That wasn't that wasn't missing. Track record. I don't understand his. We would analyze any other person. This way there's nothing to do with tracker. Then I can make the exact opposite argument with her involvement in the pitch perfect franchise which was what ten fifteen ten years ago. She hasn't like we're a little bit. What do you mean the second one? Or the first one she owned the first and the second and even the first direct the furniture he was she was still a big presence. That that role has higgins right because they were essentially the same character essentially the same character. They will do all the whole time. I don't know we're GONNA talk and we're GonNa talk in circles interest. We keep this up but I still think the Charlie is in a good example of saying like you're box office poison for anybody. I think that's more of a of a landscape and a and a branding issue. I think people just weren't into another Charlie's angels were not into another reboot remake sequel. Whatever you WanNa do it would do the same at eight point? John John If if John if Emma stone and Jennifer Lawrence we're going to be in this version choice angels. which is they were going after? That would have been a different. The you agree. There's the difference released. Well it's attraction with that in mind then go back to I mean Zombie. Land did fairly well but Jonah Plant Zombie. Land had Jesse Eisenberg Woody Harrelson. Ms Shown it had loopholes. And Thomas meant you could go on and on about all the famous faces and that still wasn't necessarily like a smash hit you know what I mean. Yeah I didn't expect it to be anyway. Don't hear the question. I mean we talk about this all the time the the value of a name on a poster and is that changing with the times and you know the value of a brand name on a poster. And how much will really interested in seeing certain successful franchises come back to the big screen and that conversation is GonNa continue because those movies aren't going to stop having anytime soon. A couple twitter questions before a live chat questions before we say good bye Ono I see it like a message from Dorian here wait. Let me read this really quick. Look at your name in it Roco. Uh Do mail back. You'd better be able to do mailman. Dorian wrote I haven't seen Rocca this positive about a review since the transformers former movies Rambo Ninety fifth and better paid the first transformers. Or bubby I love all all the transformers was the first one I've loved Bumblebee. I hate everything while. You're a shame because it made four and a half billion dollars is not everything. Well all right. Here's the Hollywood thanksgiving question for you. D. A. N. G. M. Q.. Asks favorite Thanksgiving food favorite Thanksgiving food. Oh mashed potatoes Tawfiq natural to me I would probably eat nothing else on the table. Just eat go for this potato. Turkey's already Turkey's already given for all of us I think Stuffing would be much stuffing with great coke No but I eat the cooking. Yeah cooking I eat the food that my family ordered it because my family cooks you. You knew it was going to be true. We're GONNA ask what your favorite Thanksgiving movie to watch on Thanksgiving. ooh Well we've discussed that a little bit. But what's your. I Love Santa Music. The the you know whether it's Thanksgiving weekend or Christmas weekend it's time was time was class. You know what my pick is for favorite thanksgiving. No it's final destination because nothing brings my family together faster than mine on this. I never would have guessed that exactly asked ask three football games the NFL. On Americans. I have to watch the bears game. All right let's see how many more we can get in right now. Jonathan Caro says if you have seen the the macy's Thanksgiving parade or any any other parade. What's your favorite parade float? Also what character would you create for your own parade flowed baby freaking Yoda. Aw Aw is the answer I think I've been to the Thanksgiving family in New York so I've been Thanksgiving many times come. What's a Thanksgiving parade without Spiderman? So would float Spiderman is New York City spider-man's the I think the ultimate ultimate big balloon float at a at a parade and especially at Thanksgiving. I like a homer Simpson. Whenever he's afloat or is it Bart whenever either one of the simpsons because there's always some interesting cracks they make whenever the simpsons come rolling by with their thing? It'll be your favorite. Yoda Lifelong New Yorker. You know. I've never actually seen the Thanksgiving Day. Parade live the only thing I've ever. I've steered clear and also because one of my first jobs out of college was working for local news there New York one and I always like purposely obviously wanted to take thanksgiving off spent with my family and I usually work on Christmas but I did cover the night before when they blow up the balloons. And that's that's really. Could you could walk right up to it. It's like I have a picture of myself standing like right in front of it and I'm like this teeny little thing in front of you know that that part was very recall but I like watching it on. TV Thanksgiving Parade Rose Bowl parade. Go to Times Square in New York. City status experience. That I've done you guys do that at least once once. What's his leg? I didn't even go as low as like a like a person being corralled. That's that night I went for work and even just being there with a press badge being able to go in and out to an extent like I mean we were there for hours and hours and it was is in bringing in two thousand nine and it was something like the coldest new years on record and something like decades. It was freezing at the very end that night I was assigned to film the cleanup and they have like big tractor thing. He's pushing stuff around and one rolled over a full bottle of water and it popped opt all the by the time I looked down. It had all frozen over my coat. It was cold it was cold. It was weird. It was crazy night but it was good experiences. Yeah all right one more holiday related question before we go Oriented more so I lost the one I wanted. Oh here it is Fillmore pockets is asking which three props from all of the TV shows and movies in twenty nineteen. Would you wait in black. Friday line signed to purchase. Jesus it's a good question. I Love I love props forty four. You'RE GONNA wait in line for an animated. I just want a real forty. Just want a little four key to sit with me. I would wait in line to steal something from the mansion and knives out. Oh okay one on one one piece of of decoration. I don't know specifically what I would want. I would want the clock in Christopher plummer bedroom. There's just like a really cool old school looking clock. I think I would take that. Would stand in line for captain. America's shield from vendors. Endgame site by Chris Evans. Oh wow you just like raise the bar. That's that's that's like peak purchase. Stand alive or stuff anymore you just. It's not worth the hassle so it was like if there's one thing I'm Gonna I'm GonNa make it a big thing and just one. I would stand the the mind for film TV for a uniform. Full uniform shirt pants boots from star trek discovery. Oh wait a minute the crew at the enterprise. Oh Nice happened. Pike's that from the enterprise with the gold shirt and black ants announce uniform. Yeah I feel it. I feel like my mind goes to more practical things. Like what can I reasonably put in my apartment. I'm thinking like I'd probably wait in line even for a pair of screen scissors from us. I would go for all my favorite my favorite movies with all the stuff that we're getting you know with all the year that stuff that could be coming. Do you know how many pairs of scissors we already have in the studio. You know for all the mailer since the very beginning of his office dressed up as someone who is tethered because we have a million scissors floating around the sad thing is. They don't actually cut anything they don't they don't work. You don't give a pair of scissors in in the collider office or like gold. Can you buy a pair of scissors. Someone we'll take them put them back or if you want to buy them reach out to me all right guys. That's it for today's movie. Talk so we will not be back back tomorrow. I hope you enjoy the holiday with your family. Your friends your loved ones but we will have an episode special episode for you on Friday. Stay tuned for that and as far as live live movie talks go. I'm missing the beginning of next week because I'm going to go do some coverage of the Marvelous Mazel season three guests who is in charge and.

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