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Now by reporter for Fox Sports and FS one he is a writer for the athletic as well a New York times bestselling author his most recent book is the Q. B. I'm talking about Bruce Feldman Bruce it is so good to have you on in fact Bruce it's been a minute or two since we've caught up so how are you and everybody around you right now I'm doing well thanks Jim you know just try to be optimistic as as everything that's going on around us so you know we got you know it's been obviously for a while you for everybody it's been just crazy last three months but I appreciate you asking you got a bridge could have you back now listen you wrote a piece last month we spoke to Reggie bush about the NC double a punishment and his emotions surrounding that before we get into the conversation itself what was your reaction when you S. C. announced that the ten years of disassociation was over you know I wouldn't surprise because it'd been trending that direction for a little while and I think there's been some things that have gone on behind the scenes with really the new leadership at USC and that's helpful but the president Mike phony it's a new AT and his his team around them so I know there's been some zoom called I know that that Matt Winer who is obviously Reggie's quarterback when when they were winning so many games checked and that really helps kind of bridge deaths and I think it's something that I think you know certainly Reggie had wanted back when that store your reference in the offer the athletic we had talked about I said I thought we talk with Reggie I don't know half a dozen times over the course of the week you know getting into that story wasn't just about and I L. that's where it started out to be but then it went into the NCAA and as well as his feelings on a lot of subjects especially what went on what went on at USC so I think you know there was there was some movement from that point on from about a month ago and I just think that a lot of people around you are seen inside U. S. you looked into it Hey it's way past time we need to do this and I think given the climate of everything going on around college athletics I think it just made a lot of sense this film is my guest so bridge we spoke to him how would you describe his thoughts and his emotions for instance how much of a toll has this taken on him a lot more than I think probably most people realize you know obviously he was a like a phenomenon when he was in college football and they were winning it no I received huge media market here in southern California and then he goes to the saints and I think there were times where he was injured there were times where I think he was struggling I think use I think a lot of that way you don yeah you know from talking to him after that story there was it wasn't there was a rock roller coaster ride for him because one thing that read your told me wires when Europe you know because I've asked about kind of when you blow up as a as a player and all the sudden now you go to stadiums you see people wearing your Jersey on you because when you realize you're kind of a commodity and he said that the hardest thing is when you realize that people close to you sometimes are the ones you have to watch out for the most and that's the top lesson to learn he said because no complaints people or cultures can tell you Hey you know what your watch out for boosters you gotta watch out for four agents or what not but I want the people who you think you can trust and that goes out in the wrong direction it really can be unsettling and I think that was really really hard on him and in some of the some of the gaps in detail the things we talked about you know leave up to him if he wants to repeal out at a later point but I think it was definitely it was it was eye opening for me to hear some of that from him and some of the details of it just because it's not something that I think most people had assumed because you're like Hey you're looking at this guy he's married with three kids and he's he's on TV and he added you know ten year career and he young won a Super Bowl and and I know that was great form you know help the rebuilding in the ceiling around Katrina for plaque nearing around the Worland but there was a lot of other stuff that went to it and you know I think some of this is tied into it you know when you have a a value system a little bit that is the way it's set up and he talked about when you first notice telling me how he really came to love football on part of the reason techniques wind it was he wanted his biological father to see him and wanted him to come around for it just like that with some of the things that you saw the little yet to use football to do that is when you start hearing that you get there okay you know I could see how your your your trust issues anything some of your value system can get skewed when when that's how you see and and also you're kind of watching are you come up through the system and how you can feel like a commodity and how how you can kind of look at the world through that lands it's zero point brutality too many people on the outside look at him and think like that you have no idea but of course we have no idea what these guys are going to really don't know these guys that well but then we have a conversation like that you get a better understanding and then you look at an error right now Bruce where everything is very different like you could look at what happened the choice that he made back then and they look and feel much different now because everything has changed for instance if they're a bit open market for his name his image and likeness at that time when you consider the success the U. S. he was having the fact he was plying in Los Angeles the fact that the style of play that was just electric what kind of money could he have been looking at in terms of compensation back then yeah yeah that's the one thing that was really fascinating to work on in that story I talked to the CEO of navigate which is a sports business strategy firm though the experts kind in this field and I said okay can you project what Reggie bush would've made it and as you said huge media market style of play there on top of the world you know in in sports they would just a bigger deal than what you're seeing even now is greater quarterbacks is like a Joe burrow was last year Trevor Lawrence or it's a different level reach and range that he could commanded they estimated this is bothered there are there are vast new.

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