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Grew up together in Worcester. Which is why they were more like sisters. Choose amazing. Honestly. You the best. Police say smart lost control of her car and route one ninety on Saturday the car flipped and landed in the median, she climbed out of the car up twenty feet. She knew that if she would've stayed what she was she wasn't going to be seen or nobody's going to hear. What upsets Hildalgo? The most is how someone could have hits Marlin and left her there only to be hit by a second car. Does what freaks me breaks my heart because he was trying to live state police say race was hit by two cars after she got out of her own vehicle in the median and walked back to the road, a rollover crash involving an alleged drunk driver knocks out the traffic lights and a section of Salem, New Hampshire. Benjamin Albert of Atkinson is charged with DUI in the single car crash early Sunday. It took crews around twelve hours to repair the lights in the area of Maine school and bridge streets Columbia University is denouncing a racially charged incident at the school after a video of the. Moment goes viral, the clip shows a white students shouting at a group of minority students saying, quote, a white people are the best thing to ever happen to the world in the video the student repeatedly claims that Europeans invented the modern world, and that white man did everything university officials call the footage alarming and say they are investigating on the health. Watch a warning to new moms. A new study finds women have a higher risk of getting breast cancer after childbirth compared to women who do not have children, but the overall risk is still low researchers from the university of North Carolina say the increased risk may last more than twenty years. They added it was also higher for mothers who had a family history of the disease CBS's Hillary lane. The study is published in the journal annals of internal medicine Boston. Mayor Marty Walsh appoints, Manny Lopes says it chair of the city's board of health lope succeeds Francis Doyle who stepped down to assume a leadership role within the Massachusetts department of public health. Loves currently serves as president and CEO of east Boston neighborhood health center. One of the largest community health centers in the country. Lopes becomes a first person of Cape Verdean descent to be named chair of the board of health in Boston could the reunited Spice Girls tour be over before it starts CBS's map. Piper has more. The Spice Girls are set to go on a huge UK tour next.

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