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That he goes on cameron says it against and it proves my point it underscores it a puts an exclamation mark about that he wanted this deal because now he's doing everything again can protected like the bridge over the river kwai this is the bridge with a british colonel building a bridge with sleigh british labour pows and he's supposed to blow it up supposed to blow it up when the japanese troop train comes across and he will not he's so in love with this bridge and ultimately it does blow up with an that's not so well done uh he shot and he falls on the plunger and the bridge blows up you know but for bob corker he's the british colonel in a movie for bob corker this is the bridge thereand deal and mr mattis over there at the defense department all the top i'm mad dog mad dog over there sounds like a lapdog to me and rex tillerson mr exxon mobil what a buffoon i'm sorry ladies and gentleman it's true mitch what a bunch of the floor i'll be right back william wyler like you know there's nothing like a new year for all of us to make important resolutions a my friends at the federation for american immigration reform or fair that gets time for congress to make some two like finally fixing our immigration problems oh yes that debate is underway but all we hear about is doc attack at dhaka what about securing our borders stopping illegal immigration protecting american jobs ending chain migration eliminating the visa lottery and stopping sanctuary cities unless we speak up unless you speak up the same thing could happen that has happened before illegal aliens we'll get amnesty but will simply get hollow promises of weaken forcement don't let that happen fair once you to text the word fair f a r two five two eight eight six that's five two eight eight sick do that and fair will give you an easy way to contact your lawmakers so you can let them know your concerns should be their priority text fair f a r two five two eight eight.

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