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Thank you before we close up shop. The wonderful wednesday edition of you better. You bet thanks to our three great guests on today's show ryan new report for four brett mcmurphy action network and our brian baldinger right on a nature hike after spending nine hours indoors. Love brian baldinger odyssey sports. Nfl insider locked in for tomorrow. Show pro sports. Better rob zola. Odyssey sports fantasy football insider. Josh norris more to come on tomorrow show which is going to be awesome. Obviously giants washington power hour. Basically the entire our side props for that game so lots to do on a thursday on you better. You bet appreciate our crew working hard making us look and sound good each. And every day here on the show recap the great recap bill. Match the great bill. Mets mike brown. Mike brown the great mike brown coming up after us. He's back quinton may overturns from a well deserved vacation joining ryan hor vet and trista creek so the full crew back together. I'm bet. mgm tonight. Cameron gray producing. Tyler morales along for the ride as well. You'll hear tyler dulcet tones momentarily ryan trista quinton live betting extravaganza. Tonight seven to eleven. Pm eastern following us. Make sure you'd stay tuned in tibet q. L. because the shows on back you up tip doorbell with no i well. I painted myself into a word corner. And i go from here. Daily tip toback tomorrow. Jackson chelsom messenger. Six to nine. Am eastern joe's and erin hawksworth. Gilio stransky that daily tomorrow nine. Am to noon and then kennedy returned for four hours. You're on a tremendous thursday tomorrow okay. I guess it's time now. Rabbit got nothing else to do except for for golf. That's here anyone wanna say anything else or we're just gonna have to show some golf. Let's do what's on the show with some golfing and see what happens tyler. Anything anything you think you'd like to add No i'm good to you guys. Tyler's entered the enter zone where everything he says makes me laugh. What's great radio. Dialer what you want to talk about. I dunno guys by like okay crate back. After this. it's like van. Pelt has this thing with stanford strawberries like. Steve jacobs debris. It's coming up to break pretty classic. Okay gulf bettstein. There's there's a tournament coming up rocky mountain Silverado fortinet fort ney. Someone look up like just google fortinet. Tell me what comes off like. It's a ladder company and has to be a company. What do they make. Let's leonard brother's named by. The way is atlanta's leonard leonard l. a. n. a. r. d. I promise that's true. That's the same thing with the ridley's of reilly released real name. Is kevin ridley now variety. So it's caving and calvin be stuck my brother with the l. leonard. Stop hello. i'm leonard. Low i'm leonard. These jokes have been made for like four years. This is not a new thing. That's that's basically like stephen and stefan or kelly basically similar dynamic. There's no question. Leonard wasn't as was and you asked it so intellectually curious to this rather like this is another man. Yes it's leonard on a year. That i thought it was whole god. Lamb lanner d-. I don't know where he is right now. Actually let me see. Where is he. Maybe he would leave. Lsu maybe he wouldn't fumble or like tipped the ball that gets intercepted. We could catch our bucks so he he left. He left the lsu team in the middle of the twenty thousand nine season. It has quote. Were a source said for net quote. Just wants to move on with his life. It's like god bless him. Yeah all right so bill. We have this official here. We know what fortinet is now the network security they will transform insecure your wfan journalist network coordinates for what's a w. a. m. I was going to be secure. And i was like well. Well because land is like local area network wireless area net wireless area network. I guess that makes sense network security right. Fortinet golf tournaments leonard exposure. We're talking about this right or it's gonna go buy some products. That's the hardest. I think i've laughed since since. Danny columbus danny columbia. Yeah daddy columbia's like an all time. I mean that's like tears like legit tears for two minutes on that i feel like from now on. It's like the funniest moments on. We'll be judged based on danny columbia. Yes journeyman pitcher. Danny columbus even pitcher rest in peace. Big blades reveal. That is not actually dead. He just left. The company reads doing like reached out to us. Couldn't be happier for him. Reince good still on twitter at wallet. He's also at some point. I hope like our career paths act against. We can get it back on the shelf but for now off the show but please feel free. Continue supporting big plates freed while flattered leonard leonard. Put your brother's name leonard. Okay all right time golf to the ford net right from the comfort of their homes. You better you bet presents now. The box cost one million dollars. Titanium briefcase cash tax free dealer. No do you have to change your name to lantern barclay leonard barclay. Do i have to have a nickname. Can i be lanny. Your you know your leonard bar. I have to be lanyard. And i had to say like. How do you pronounce go. Leonard and i have to go leonard or leonard i got a million dollars like as if the manner in which the million dollars was delivered to me was particularly important like steel briefcase like well if it's leather but that that's the stuff that i find funny is like the innocuous details that get thrown in that don't matter at all like million titanium briefcase and be like well titanium i mean jeez on storage wars get like five hundred bucks probably i mean a million dollars yes yeah i would do it. Yeah tyler a million dollars to be lantern morales. I will do it for way less than that's a million dollars. One hundred percent. Yeah you got to do it for like a thousand dollars. Change helps and taller lantern morales alison at this point. Like i mean. My name doesn't really matter. I'll just change it to land or not. Tell anybody of thousand dollars. Yeah but like then people. Don't call you tyler. Yeah and you. You have to correct them and say my name isn't say like you're you're right like eight tyler. Not my name. That's well that's your opinion. Five thousand dollars. I'll do who you who you bidding against like low balled yourself. You're ridiculous all right slathering. Fortinet security your wireless network and they're also posted.

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