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Seven thirty pm tickets jc manhattan dot org and we are starting our fundraiser we have a bunch of really really fun gifts if you donate certain levels we have little animal pins we have special special edition t shirts and just a bunch of other fun stuff so you can check that out at tablet mag dot com slash donate you don't ask for much just just money you know it's awkward to ask for money but all the other podcasts money what this does what the fundraiser does is actually allows us to do more shows like the conversion episode and an upcoming episode we have about judaism all across america just helps us to get into pockets of jewish communities that we actually don't reach manhattan student yeah yeah off hot our hot horse horse america wanna see real america so please if you can spare any shackles have mag dot com slash donate muzzle toes were at that time of the show yeah speaking of indie movies which have been a theme of today's show i saw a movie this week which really struck me as one of the greatest of the time what are they only movies that i've seen in a while the takes faith and spirituality seriously i reformed so my mouth of this week goes to director and screenwriter paul schrader and to start youth and hawke who really portray an incredible journey of faith and doubt and healing and transcendence go see this movie it's it's not the adventures but it will make you feel much better about the future of humanity i love that your muscle really oscillate between wildly sarcastic and wildly ernest that's sort of the only two modes that i have to polls that's all that's all i got my mother taught goes out to my grandma my grandma's seal she and i'm the.

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