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They will intentionally pull the movie from theaters just to make sure that you don't if you're so close to that mark near where you're about to go wherever into a high up sort of point to profit margin thou pull the movie said that the media cannot make that money so that they never have to pay you that extra percentage it's a very common thing that happens so that on the on paper a lot of movies will always be in the red yep it's a defeat is what it rose dr they got their money on an ironman or something happens but it's like they make their money from a fucking in sink that's what they stood whose true you have just touched there i noted yeah that's great i mean if you read the if you read the selma hayek piece about weinstein in frieda there were some of that in there i mean i although that's a different monster altogether be um but he would do stuff like that he would he would be like i'll buy your movie for this so go make it and then they come back with a movie and he'd be like we're not going to buy a for that anymore so you can pay me fraction of that or will never released you're moving you've done all that for no reason yes it's she and he'd be like you just residuals from dvd sales would disappear in the winds in company only can't lift but in frieda he was like have assessing if you read that her article about that and she was like no what's the point of that there was there was no sex scene originally in the movie in when she was doing it like just her recounting of when she was doing it it was it's it's a form of like it i mean it is abuse while i guess of of course it is i mean mine isn't being osceola bought.

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