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There are a group dynamics that that come into play so please refresh us about one of my absolute favorite studies ever done which was right there at stanford and philip zimbardo tell roof just refresh us what happened there yeah so basically the very it's a very famous study up has gotten a lot of press over the years back in the early 1970s filled them barlow who's a professor at us of psychology at stamford he did a study where he randomly assigned people to be either um prison guards or prisoners and they did this in the basement of jordan hall which is a right near in the main claude area of stanford psychology department and what do you found very quickly and very disturbingly is that people got into their roles awfully quickly and started to engage the guards behave very aggressively am and in a dehumanizing way towards the prisoners and these would just basic uh you know kids they were just young stanford undergraduates who could behave in such an agree just way and it was so it kinda got out of control so quickly he uh terminated the study or a quick prematurely and uh uh because it was getting pretty much out of control and so much has been written about that study but there's a ton of quality research in social psychology and elsewhere that gives us kind of new want to know what we can expect from pa be uh people's behaviour when they enter into group sort of environments or they get a certain identity all right it's out dr tamas plant is joining me on our came out uh group dynamics and he's hate groups since this is physically so we can talk about mob mentality uh dr clampitt list why why is it is it any different with these recruits or is this just basic kind of a group dynamics at play and because of some of their beliefs they're just played out in a certain way well you know there's a couple.

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