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Episodes every Tuesday. Wherever you get your podcasts? By the way there are things that happen in in in in over sometimes in trump day. And you're like boy that never got traction remember when he He's getting ready to meet with the UN about six weeks. They'RE GONNA go. Where's where's my favorite dictator? Yeah yeah it just says it. He just says at everybody like we're supposed to pretend Egypt is not a dictatorship. Didn't get the memo Mr President by the way those are my favorite trump moments where he actually pierces a veneer that we should pierce el-sisi spectator. I was literally just going to say the same thing I mean. This is the key that's part of the kind of disruption that trump will do. That's good I think dispensing with all of the focus grouping all of the consultant driven you know. Bs that I find really refreshing now. He replaces it with stuff that I don't necessarily love. That's the if you had if you had an ideological conservative. Who Was it? Who who who had sort of a world you and had given a lot of thought to these things and then did that kind of disruption that would be ideal view? True story I I wrote a column basically making this point during the primaries where I said the one thing we can all agree on about trump. He doesn't sound like you consulted a focus group right and trump circled the paragraph one paragraph. That could be in context seen as a complement and wrote me a note on the copy from the New York. Post that he it read saying it's been a great trip together. Thanks so much clear that he doesn't read someone pointed out that passage and that's the only one that he cared about. But you know the the disruption stuff I mean the he has these tells where he he because he only has I remember talking to Charles Krauthammer about this. He only seems to have a functioning vocabulary of about two three thousand words and which is why he'll say do things like very very very very very very right. That's beautiful that's a person who's lacking in adjectives. Beautiful transcript are African Americans have never ever ever ever ever ever ever had it. So bad in two thousand sixteen was an interesting sort of state Matt Right and and so I think sometimes what's what would seen as disruption and as a philosophical thing is really based on kind of ignorance and he's going to China shop and that's the thing that frustrates me so much about the arguments that we have if you want argue about forever wars and take the Rand Paul Position and the isolationist deserted find those are arguments that we have. We've had those organs for thirty years if you were serious serious about those things. You Still WanNa bug out a series of the way you did right. That was incompetence. And what a lot of the trump supporters do as they rush to these high flown thirty thousand foot philosophical arguments and Ben them to what actually happened which was that trump on the spur of the moment screwed. His own staff is own the advisers and our allies on a whim. And that's not something. If Pat Buchanan we're presidents dates he would want to pull out a Middle East too but he'd negotiate with the Kurds and the Turks Zinni figure out a way to do it. Matters resigned and there was no policy implementation since that. Well it's like it's like one of the things that I like to remind some I'm close folks close to me and I always say you know. Be careful who you're criticizing in the trump world. I said some day. The hero of the story is going to be somebody. You don't agree with and it turns out John. Bolton Jeff sessions are guys that are maybe share some of the president's beliefs on some things but they actually believe in the republic and even a process awesome. They believe in a system and they believe in persuasion. Yeah I mean you've you've seen this again and again I obviously. We're waiting to see what John Bolton says both about the John Bolton's Donald Trump's John Dean. What the hell does that mean? It's going to be like Scooby Doo integrate. He's like he takes on John both. Save April Republic. Okay Rachel like handle that like joke with my liberal friends. I'm like are you prepared to celebrate the the hero that is John Bolton if he is the person that essentially is darth vader that throws the emperor staff. I was obsessed best with Bolton saying during the Korea. North Korea negotiations yes that we're looking closely at the Libya model. I think you might have said on your show. You said it was a total auteuil. I think he did it on purpose. It was a total monkey right after. I remember asking everybody about this. This is obvious to me that he because North Koreans know xactly. What a second we have our way and get nuclear weapons from you and we're going to kill you and destroy your regime and it was interesting? That trump months later when he fired Bolton brought that up when he was cast on them he says you know he causes a lot of problems with that Libya model thing and Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah. And that's the reason why I I've known John. Bolton longtime time is used to be reminded me. I used to see him basically collecting his mail. The Fox News Green Room. 'cause he was always there and the difference between Bolton and Pompeo is is that Bolton. I'm bad with the sports metaphors. Compared to you guys pay is playing man demand whatever trump needs that's now he adjusts. POMPEII was playing a position. And he's playing the Boltons. Playing position is wing zone. He was doing the stuff that the job required correct and for his own goals but but he wasn't trying to like bend. Everything and I think it's part because Bolton there any plans to run for office in Peyot does let's talk about what you are doing. It's called the dispatch but it to me. It feels like this is. This is sort of the next phase of what I assume is going to dominate the next decade. which is who what is is what is it? What is an American conservative? And what does the conservative movement stand for right like. We don't know what some what some people tell me is conservatism. I always tell oh the MIC. That's not that's not was my definition. That's what trump defines it. What give me the elevator? Pitch of the dispatch. Yeah basically it's it's a conservative Media Company Digital Media Company. That will I mean Jonah has described often as sort of sane conservatism. What we WANNA do is have an argument based on facts logic and reason where we go out and report things we wanna find stuff out? This is not sort of a hot take factory. We are not not mere opinion slingers. We've got plenty of opinions. We're happy to share them. But we WANNA go and make arguments and try to persuade people and come at this with sort of a world world. Do that is closer to kind of Ronald Reagan style. I was just GONNA say outlined. GimMe the ideology that you're sort of if you guys are under an an ideological ideological umbrella would you would. What does that look? I mean I would call it classical liberalism but we're not. We're not going to impose an ideology. We WanNa have some of these debates okay in our pages and in our newsletters. There's an honor podcasts. And so we're not going to say to people you know one thing I would love to have actually when we when we position NATO type of thing. You know what I mean by that like position on Multilateral Audrey Bentham you like NATO yeah but all things being okay we're pro-nato but if somebody but if somebody wanted to to argue that we should get out of NATO Somebody who brought it's sort of an intellectual argument to the kind of case that that Donald Trump has come close to making several times. That'd be a great podcast. We'd love to have what's that allows for that discussion so one because you're is much more of a political junkie than I am and you but so you have the memory of this stuff. One of sort of weird models of it is really the New Republic of the late eighties and early nineties right. You knew everyone for with the exception of like say Fred Fred Barnes and a K and Krauthammer after he became more conservative. But you know basically everybody. There was liberal. You knew where they came from but left of center it is l.. We didn't know what the the different degrees of lives. But what you did know was that the writers were honest about their biases. And you knew where they're coming from and I'm not saying that every single thing Binghaman republic back then was great but it was a fantastic magazine and one of the things that made them special was. They weren't afraid to call bs on their own side and they gave a lot of grief that elected elected Democrats one of the problems that we've got these days with they still let publisher dictate too many things. That's fine I mean this is to me is something that I'm I'm I'm struggling with it. Every news organization which is to try to figure out how to keep one person for me Steven our partner. We own fifty percent of this thing. So we're okay for right now but nothing wrong with that and you should. You're the publishers. But that is when the new republic we started to go off the reservation when when he was more worried about Al Gore's presidential campaign. Then that's what about the future of liberal liberal and that's that's sort of proves my point is that so much of I think media in general but right wing media in particular you're because the parties are so weak lot of institutions of filled the void. And they're doing they're playing partisan functions when they should not be and that's true the NRA and unplanned parenthood. That's true of how the social media and Cable News world has emerged and it doesn't Cable News and social media the Cable News now as we see it in his people is social media and television. There's a lot of that and I agree. And and that doesn't mean everything that partisan media does is back correct. Opposition research kind of stuff is fine but we you know I've never given much of a damn about myself Republican. I really care about going myself. A conservative cash. And so we think there's a lot of good journalism reporting to do on the right. That isn't in service to a politician or two apart. Cheerleader under booster is. It doesn't do anybody any good if you're going if you're writing things I mean that's the those are the economic incentives of the current media landscape right and this is the problem. Is that the economic incentives trump. I mean look. This is my issue with with facebook. Is it in all of social media. Is that particularly twitter more so than actually facebook twitter twitter entices negative and entice. Phony and entices is exaggerating it. Rewarding sure monetize is it and so the the the model is my concern is is that the model to communicate. Information is both monopolized by social media and has been warped so add to that agree with that. Add to that the the the the models inside media organizations themselves. It's the same thing I mean. You get more clicks if your digital media company you get more clicks if you publish stuff that your audience this is GonNa love is going to go. Viral is outrageous. You know if you've listened to nationals park say lock them up or if you can do a Dan Crenshaw owned Ao. See the and you're like that people are GonNa Click on that if you're if you're trying to monetize volume and you're trying to monetize scale that's what you do so we're doing the opposite of that so we're not going to have ads. We we're going to be almost all subscription newsletters and podcasts. It'll be ads on podcast. PUCK are different Ryan. We're not GONNA do ads on the website. We you for the time being or not GonNa do sponsorships in newsletters and we are trying to build a subscription based business where people can come and things are going to slow down a little bit too. We're we're we're not you're never gonNA come to our website which will at least at launch in January will publish probably three or four articles. By the way ain't nobody goes to websites. Correct information comes to them. Well this is. This is the other thing that we're trying to do. were buying into this. This idea that people want stuff coming to them so we're focusing on newsletter but we think that this model allows us to to sort of keep the editorial objectives that that we want and and it's consistent with though also just improves the user experience. Yeah you visit some websites some good websites just the barrage of pop up videos and an and under videos. And where's that volume coming from. My you know that kind of we just think there are a lot of people who were exhausted with that and to actually be able to read something that is four reader is this is going to provide value so to me most undercover thought topic that we have that we don't particularly to me. I think the conservative movement should be consumed with us. And I expect you guys to be consumed with this. which is what happens on January? Let's assume that the data's correct and that the president is not going to win reelection..

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