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More at a B com slash America's banks d T o P at 5, 48 traffic and weather on the AIDS. Here's Dave Deal Dine in the W T O P Traffic Center. In Centerville on I 66 westbound. You're $29 found crash in the left lane is slow toward it, but it's hard to tell us their traffic on 66. There's Centerville much better than usual for this time of day, despite the crash on the highway and down below another one on route 29 as well, That one should be clear soon. 95 South. Typical deliberates Lord through Woodbridge. Nothing unusual as far south as Fredericksburg. 3 95 North bound, heavy and slow. Across the 14th Street Bridge out of the Southeast Freeway Above South Capitol Street crash blocky least one late Melati one lane getting by police were on scene eastbound 6 95 Southeast freeway, getting by under their direction slowly with delays on 3 95 heading to the tunnels. On the Beltway, Maryland Inter loop Slow traffic riding through silver Spring, the crash on the ramp I 95 North. It was on the left side of the ramp one down the embankment. The Guard rail wounded again getting back to the right at last report, Merging off the interlude to go north on 95 north bound on 95 from Lord Baltimore. Good and better, South bound, leaving Baltimore with the crashed vehicles between 6 95 1 95. Mostly on the right shoulder route. 29 slow North, bound from what a weight toward 100 the crash and causing a backup on 29 north to 70 no crashes, but slow traffic between Gaithersburg and German town Better North Middlebrook and 1 18 Ledo Pizza Square Because Ledo Pizza never cuts corners. Lido piece has been a local favorite since 1955. Order online ledo pizza dot com Dave Tilden w T o P Traffic Amelia Draper's not the forecast. Cloudy skies continue on into the evening hours. And after highs today in the forties of seasonably Cool day, we'll have lows tonight in the thirties..

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