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Like that at all. Now that does not strike me as a certified banger alone on the radio. It feels like it would be better. If you're watching the movie, but I liked it. I saw where it was coming from. But just as audio alone. There's a lot of ambience stuff attack. I wish we could find a version without. All right. Roller rink. Not going to give you this. Now. I put a Lincoln the grid. Okay. Speaking of which interest bouncing off of Omar here. I haven't told you guys this because I know that you'll ridicule me when I tell you. But here we go. I like I like cozy shows a few years ago. My kids got really into the Disney show. Hey, Jesse starring Debby. Ryan. Hey, JCP is like a party ever. Hey, Jessica is great. It reminds me of my childhood. It makes me happy that my kids are in the sweet spot of childhood. So we will watch shows with them. And some of the shows are just connect with as a parent and others. You're just like, okay. Whatever I'm going to scroll on my phone, but we have fallen in love HDZ show. Donna, okay. We have fallen in love with the since canceled or they wrapped it after four years. Disney shows don't usually last too long. Kids are grown, right? They're grown up this show called live and Mattie. Okay. Live and Mattie stars adult Cameron who plays both twins live, and Mattie, and let me just tell you this before we hear the song. What they do in this Disney show using just one actor to play both of these people, you know, the camera tricks. So that you can play both people with how they do. It is remarkable. It is it was seamless. There's so many Google searches for who are these actual twins. And they're not it's one person. It's remarkable. What they do. That's great. Anyway, one of them in one of the characters in the show happens to be a singer, and she's an actress. And so then there's this battle of the bands. And they had this song that we heard the other day called say, hey or say, hey, hey, hey, dependent tell me Donna, open, your heart. Are you? Sure. Give me this. I don't hate it. Two out of five garys three..

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