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A learning for more than a scrolling down trolls platform give it a shot if you're interested using the Code Lion Diet at spot dot com enjoy the podcast five named it simply rex Murphy's interview with Jordan Be Peterson when I went down to New York got a butcher box delivered but your boxes H. Shipping Company that ships high quality sustainably farmed meat straight to your door I'm sure people saw it on my instagram where I usually put stories about how I eat their chuck Rose US ground beef and revise our amazing I love the company. I think they're really doing what needs to be done to shift the health crisis in America eat more meat each and will meet if you can fix yourself up and ditched food guides ignore the people telling you meet is bad try butcher box to make it easy and tasty they have really good deals it's super simple to give them a shot you can customize your box or pick one of their boxes that are premade they offer one hundred percent grass fed and grass finished beef which is actually rather difficult to find in America they sell free range organic chicken heritage breed pork and wild caught salmon as well I like getting these boxes shipped so I can keep a good stock of frozen meat in a freezer no need to go to the grocery store and is always high quality with Thanksgiving right around the corner now is the perfect time to give butcher box try sign up today and get a Free Turkey plus twenty dollars off your first box just go to butcher box dot com slash J B P or enter Promo Code J B P at Checkout that's butcher box dot com slash DB or enter Promo Code J B P at checkout for Free Turkey and twenty dollars off your first box I have a condo down Toronto and I don't get cell phone service in my condo was driving me nuts so I switched to using WHATSAPP for calls which uses the Internet then found out my wife I wasn't reaching my bedroom I kept taking business calls at home and having been cut off which was driving my dad crazy he bought me an antenna to increase cell phone verge which didn't work because I'm condo not a house I don't really have a roof so that didn't.

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