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Tcu wins at eighty one seventy two over to mexico in the sweet sixteen of the wnyc let's look at the individual stats nikki for the lobos tshirt buck finishes twenty four points in her final game four of ten on three pointers had two rebounds to assist two steals cherie spain in twenty points ten rebounds five assists four steals for jason on fourteen points eleven rebounds five steals one block india fly one of two from the free throw line mr three shots lana brian with five points and then off the bench washington played thirty two minutes eight points one rebound one assist in tony anderson played seven minutes had one steal and mr early two shots and then the other to play jasmine smith and jaden sit or that was just in the last twenty minutes of the seniors could get a curtain call well one of the big thing was that we talked about keesa game is bench right cherise bain and did her thing jason hun dinner thing both of them with a double double then you look at teasha box twenty four points if you looked at this but then you go down the list eight bench points and thirty for tcu but the eight bench points is really going to hurt from new mexico in order to save some lakes for those starters more than any other game i think the lobos missed alex roller eat tonight absolutely i mean she really could have opened some things up her height her athleticism the strength that alex can bring i mean i think there's been more games obviously they've missed her but it would have been nice to have her tonight to have this additional rotation for tcu leading score tonight was jordan more their center seven of nine from the field fifteen points nine rebounds and four steals and two blocks and also their starters at yola coma low fe six points she rebounds one steal jade woods number fifteen at fourteen points one rebound four sist warren heard four points four rebounds four six four steals a very good floor game for her that's number twenty she played twenty two minutes and the number twenty five kiana ray played a game high thirty five minutes for tcu twelve point six rebounds two assists did turn it over five times how to block a steal off the bench amy okonkwo number doubles zero six of eleven from the field thirteen points nine rebounds in just twenty minutes tori thompson scored.

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