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Members of both main political parties as to why she's not visited the border sooner, she told a reporter from Fox News. She has been to the border many times as a senator, We have a stall on the five in Boyle Heights. This one is along the south on site just before the 10 Middle Lane has been blocked, and overall slowing is backing up away from the 1 34 Freeway. Beyond the scene of the style, the drive is still slow all the way to the 65. Let's check out Hollywood with Michael Brian K F Eye in the Sky. Sponsored by injury. Attorney Superwoman super lawyer dot com An angel extra tight both sides of the one. Oh one. Top Mount Hollywood Freeway loading up in Hollywood Boulevard that's very tough into downtown Los Angeles. From there, go outside of the fence, a little pinch through downtown and then again, leaving Vermont. Up to the cooling capacity could be a tight trip. Into the sub. All that have passed. We've had a long running. I think it's just a stall four or five North bound around Sunset Boulevard bring out of the center divider, but that drive is extra tight now coming away from the airport. Outbound side of the fence. You're on the brakes pretty much from sunset down to the airport. Little listening and then back on from the 15 at the Long Beach introduced an accident isn't superwoman super lawyer. Com Mike O'Brien KF eye in the Sky, Irvine. Now the five northbound slowing down from Geoffrey Road to fourth Street in Santa Ana KF Eye in the sky helps get you there Faster. I'm Angel Martinez. Doctors just want to remember traps. 50th anniversary season kicks off with Cynthia Areva and the National Symphony Orchestra in 50 Years together Celebration of Wolf Trap on July 1st plus more July shows, including F O. Donovan and Chris Kneeling, just added to the lineup Harry Connick Jr and his band Straight No Chaser Train. Indigo Girls and I need DeFranco Pink martini featuring China Forbes Lindsey Stirling. Many more shows on sale now, 50 years together..

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